Cultivating A Champion Mindset In Preschoolers

September 24, 2021

Seeing the world change so extraordinarily in the past few years is why values like resilience, grit and adaptability are so important to nurture in our children. Comprising three distinct qualities, the Champion, Learning and Creative Minds, our 3-Mind education model does just that. This model is designed to equip our Champs with the necessary tools and mindset to evolve and adapt to the world around them.

The Champion Mind celebrates a child’s uniqueness, encourages going beyond the conventional wisdom and embraces turning adversity into success. World-renowned award-winning neuroscientist Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder (Fellow of the Royal Society) once said “in the best of times, the Champion Mindset is a valuable commodity”.   Professor Snyder has been our Chair of Research for the past two decades.

Children learn best when their parents take an interest in their journeys. From asking about school assignments to participating in activities with them, parental involvement goes a long way in pushing Champs to be the best they can be.

Involved and proactive Champion Parents are key to helping every Champ discover their true potential. Here’s how you can motivate your preschooler to develop a champion mindset:

1. Encouraging Them To Pursue Their Strengths

The first is to recognise and celebrate your Champ’s natural abilities.

Too often, parents tend to focus on the weaknesses and shortcomings of their children. Today, we have to think about screen time, cyberbullying and social acceptance when parenting our children. With so many approaches and ‘right’ answers online, we may be feeling pressured to raise our children in the way society expects them to be, instead of who they truly are.

Shift the focus to their strengths, celebrate small wins and encourage them to pursue their passions and strengths. By supporting their hobbies and interests, you’ll be setting your Champ on a path to embracing their own uniqueness.

2. Empowering Them To Learn From Mistakes

Resilience is when a child’s health and development tip toward positive outcomes, even when factors are heavily stacked against the odds. Having resilience is how children can bounce back from setbacks and challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth.

Champion Parents can help their Champs develop grit and determination in several ways. It’s especially vital that children have a safe, nurturing and supportive relationship with their parents. When children feel loved and secure, they have the stability necessary to explore the world around them.

Reframe negative experiences such as bullying or disagreeing with a friend in school into positive, learning opportunities. Children tend to mimic their parents. When you respond by letting anger go or seeing the positives in a difficult situation, they are more likely to follow suit.

3. Energising Them To Express Confidently

It’s only natural that you’d want your child to navigate the world confidently. Champs take on new challenges without fear and are able to express themselves well. Champion Parents can build confidence in their Champ through small but effective steps.

By allowing your Champ to contribute through small tasks such as tidying their toys and setting the table can give them a sense of accomplishment. Children who feel valued are more likely to develop confidence, work on their skills and strive for more.

Offer your Champ encouragement, instead of simply praising the work done. When their efforts are recognised, they grow up feeling good about themselves. By building their confidence bit by bit in a secure environment at home, they will grow up to be self-assured.

As our Champs grow up, they will face challenges every day, both big and small. Nurturing these practices early can give them the headstart and foundation they need for the future. Akin to a growth mindset, your Champ will be emboldened to take on new challenges and explore new hobbies with self-esteem and confidence. Take the first step today with MindChamps’ holistic curriculum