Education8 Educational Chinese YouTube Channels To Help Primary Schoolers Learn

May 5, 2020

Home-based learning has made way to welcome the school holidays amid this Circuit Breaker. Staying in during the holidays is the new novelty with activities that your primary school child can enjoy during the day. Here we will list 8 educational Chinese YouTube channels to help your little ones learn.

To help you get started, here are some educational Chinese YouTube channels for kids you can tap on to keep your child edutained. These channels earn plus points from us for keeping young learners engaged while they work on brushing up their Chinese language skills!

Take Your Pick from These Educational Chinese YouTube Channels for Primary School Kids

1. Yoyo儿童动画

educational chinese youtube channels

Yoyo introduces Chinese idioms through storytelling in the context of ancient times. With the short animation videos on this channel, your child gets to learn a different idiom each day and connect the meaning with the action on the screen.

What we love about this channel: The idioms are introduced along with hanyu pinyin, which reinforces learning.

Check it out here!

2. 鹹蛋哥Rock TV

educational chinese youtube channels

RockTV is a created by a Malaysian who has great love for photography and animation. This educational Chinese YouTube channel for kids features travel vlogs and game plays as well.

Here, Chinese idioms are introduced in short animation videos with a pair of sibling characters in its series – 哥妹俩成语故事. The script is engaging and light, making it a fun way to learn and remember new idioms.

What we love about this channel: The videos are modern and humourous with an accent that is close to home.

Check it out here!

3. UncleWhy TV

educational chinese youtube channels

Designed by a Malaysian Dad who prefers his child to watch quality educational videos on YouTube, UncleWhy TV shares interesting facts and answers the ”whys” on living and non-living things that surround us.

You can find interesting videos like “Why is the elephant’s trunk long?” or “Why do people wear shoes?”. It is truly a learning opportunity for your child to gain new general knowledge through this channel.

What we love about this channel: Words beyond the textbook and our everyday lives are being used. This opens the door for your child to improve and expand his/her vocabulary.

Check it out here!

4. Little Fox

educational chinese youtube channels

Little Fox uses educational animated stories and songs to make learning Chinese fun. This is a good place to develop an interest in learning Chinese for lower primary children.

The story videos are accompanied by Chinese subtitles and hanyu pinyin help to reinforce learning. Watching and listening to Chinese stories can build your child’s vocabulary, comprehension and listening skills.

What we love about this channel: There are at least two new uploads every week. As a whole, this channel has a comprehensive selection of videos to keep your child well immersed in the Chinese language.

Check it out here!

5. beimeicn

educational chinese youtube channels

This educational Chinese YouTube channel has a variety of video genres to keep your child edutained.

It has songs, storytelling videos on idioms, classic stories and story explanations of the many “whys”’ around us. Your child will be able to find answers on “Why there are only 7 days a week?” or “Why does an apple turn brown after being peeled?”.

This is a great resource to satisfy your child’s curiosity with the many questions and answers he/she may have never thought of.

What we love about this channel: It caters to a wide age group of kids with its songs and range of stories.

Check it out here!

6. CCTV (Central Chinese Television)

China’s major broadcasting network has a few entertaining children’s programmes:


educational chinese youtube channels

This variety show features six children of varying characters who are invited to form teams of two to experience the outdoor, away from the familiar city environment and the comforts of home.

In this yearly series of 10 episodes, the children work together by looking out for each other and completing the tasks and games that were assigned to them. This is a great programme for your child to watch and pick up conversational Chinese.

What we love about this show: The real-life situations of children conversing in mandarin as they work together to overcome the challenges faced in completing each task.

Check it out here!


educational chinese youtube channels

This game show brings together animal enthusiasts as they compete in a series of animal related quizzes.

The host starts off by sharing short documentaries about animal facts, after which the participants are posed with related questions to answer. What a fun way to learn about animals through this game show!

What we love about this show: The Mandarin presentation of animal knowledge. It is a great way for your child to broaden their Chinese vocabulary, especially if their knowledge of the animal kingdom is mostly read and picked up in English.

Check it out here!

7. T and D Lab

educational chinese youtube channels

How about science experiments in Mandarin?

T and D Lab(少儿科学实验) has a good collection of science experiments for your child to watch and pick up various science terms and concepts.

Discover experiments such as “whether electric current can flow without a wire” or ”whether a fire flame has shadow”. It’s a great way to subtly introduce Chinese language to young science enthusiasts.

What we love about this channel: Science terms and objects are introduced in Mandarin, which is another opportunity to grow your child’s Chinese word bank.

Check it out here!

8. Eileen Choo

educational chinese youtube channels

A local channel designed by 朱老师to help primary school children learn Chinese based on the components of our local school curriculum.

Focused on academics, this educational Chinese YouTube channel for kids offers videos on Chinese composition, oral (e-oral) and comprehension. If you often get confused with the commonly used “的、地、得”, you can find the answer right here!

What we love about this channel:朱老师 taps on interesting methods and tools such as Pokémon characters to help your child remember the concepts.

Check it out here!

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Educational Chinese YouTube channels for kids can be good media choices for your child during the school holidays. Besides giving him/her hands-on experience in online learning and media literacy, the best Chinese YouTube Channels will keep your child meaningfully occupied.

Language learning just got easier and fun!

Written by Karen Chen