Looking for Weekend Enrichment Classes for Kids in Woodlands? Here are Some Which You Can Sign Up For

December 13, 2018

When it comes to enrichment classes for kids, one of the key deciding factors that influence the choice of programmes that parents sign up for involves achieving the balance between enriching their child’s knowledge in a certain subject or field and keeping things fun.

At MindChamps Woodlands, children get to enjoy the best of both worlds!

From literacy programmes that incorporate fun in-class activities to keep them interested in reading and writing to kids’ theatre programmes that let them express themselves confidently, here are some weekend enrichment classes at MindChamps Woodlands that you can consider signing your kids up for.

MindChamps Reading

Build a love of reading in your child

It is important that children understand what they are reading, as it is only then that they will see reading as something to be enjoyed.

Standing out from most reading programmes for kids in the market, MindChamps Reading focuses on empowering children to love reading. As part of MindChamps’ formulated Integrated Phonics approach, word sounds are taught by blending graphemes and phonemes. This is then incorporated into the curriculum via fun activities which involves sound and letter recognition, reading and composing short stories.

Children will have fun while learning and will look at reading in a positive light. One of the goals of the programme is for kids to have confidence in reading and to enjoy the entire process.

Parents will be updated regularly on their child’s progress through a weekly feedback system. In addition, they can also revise the lessons at home with their kids through the MindChamps Read-Along app, which contains eBook titles featuring the various phonetic sounds together with fun activities and games to make the learning process fun.

Learn more about MindChamps Reading or book a complimentary literacy assessment.

Tip: MindChamps Woodlands is currently offering a 15% saving for the first module for new sign-ups – be sure not to miss this!

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MindChamps Writing

Give your child the confidence to write and think creatively

Designed to complement the MOE curriculum, the focus of the MindChamps Writing programme is to help kids in Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 to 4 to understand the writing process and its creative aspects.

As kids progress through the various levels of the programme, they will be introduced and empowered with the MindChamps Writing Toolbox which gives them a strong foundation and covers the most important aspects of writing such as syntax construction, language enhancement, story building and more.

With an experiential and imaginative approach to learning, kids will gain a deeper understanding on various writing styles and genres, be equipped with the skills to write, edit and express themselves creatively, and most importantly, to enjoy the entire writing process.

Learn more about MindChamps Writing or book a complimentary literacy assessment.

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Actors Centre Kids

Let your child shine with this kids’ theatre programme!

More than a speech and drama class, Actors Centre Kids is a programme powered by MindChamps which is designed with Nursery 1 to Primary 3 children in mind. Its curriculum is based on 30 years of work by world-renowned acting teacher and director, Dean Carey.

Through a theatre-driven approach, kids will be given the opportunity to express themselves and collaborate with their peers, while injecting creativity in theatrical activities which incorporates colour props, characterisation and more. As they progress through the lessons, the children will work on putting up a short performance for their parents at the end of the term – so be sure to lock down the date to watch them shine and cheer them on!

Learn more about Actors Centre Kids or book a spot for the upcoming term now!

Written by Steffi Wee