Important Elements of Good Creative Writing Classes in Singapore

September 5, 2018

Creative writing classes in Singapore are a dime in the dozen at the moment, thanks to the growing emphasis in schools towards creative writing. With so many choices, it can be difficult to pick the best one for your child.

Here are some important elements of good creative writing classes in Singapore that you can look out for.

Creative Writing teaches children to think out of the box

The first element creative writing classes should have is, obviously, creativity. Children should be encouraged to think out the box and share ideas that they might usually deem as too “bizarre”.

At MindChamps Writing Programme, the curriculum focuses on the “3 Minds” in order to tap into the full scale of a child’s cognitive abilities. The “Creative Mind” guides kids to use their imagination while the Champion and Learning Minds helps to open their minds to new perspectives.

Emphasis on a strong foundation

It is tough to excel in creative writing when one’s foundational skills are weak. Good creative writing classes in Singapore should also help children brush up on the basics of grammar and vocabulary.

Having a good foundation is very important, as making simple mistakes would affect the quality of writing. The basics can be dry but MindChamps Reading and Writing ensures that children are kept interested through interactive and fun techniques.

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Teaching specialised techniques to produce better works of creative writing in Singapore

Creative writing in Singapore is also not all about writing. The programmes will teach special techniques that will help take your child’s essay to the next level.

For example, the MindChamps Writing Tool Box teaches kids how to enhance their language through descriptions and emotions. Moreover, the “Learning Mind” (from the three minds) focuses on practical strategies like how to understand and recall things, so they would be able to synthesise the information and write better.

The best creative writing classes help them grow individually

Children will get the opportunity to participate in many group activities and presentations during creative writing classes in Singapore. Teamwork teaches them how to work better with others and learn to work out their differences.

Presentations also come with an element of critique, which children may have difficulty getting used to. However, through constant practice and exposure, they will be able to recognise their flaws and work on them. Handling critique is something they will go through in their lives – so the earlier they are exposed to it, the better.

Empowering children with the confidence to improve their writing

As with many things, confidence plays a huge role in helping children improve their writing. With confidence, they would feel empowered and thus start to enjoy writing.

In line with the “Champion Mind”, children will be guided towards the right mindset to build their emotional resilience and achieve the goal of strong literacy. They will learn the right attitudes and habits that will boost their potential to excel in reading and writing.

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Above everything, creative writing classes in Singapore should be enjoyable and fulfilling for your children, providing them with a welcomed break from the rigidity of school. Moreover, it is only when they have fun and enjoy writing that they start to learn and be immersed in it.

Written by Steffi Wee


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