Here’s How To Brush Up Your Child’s Reading Skills Over The School Holidays!

May 13, 2022

If you’re looking for school holiday activities this year, consider imaginative and fun filled workshops to help your child improve their reading skills naturally. As we know, reading is an essential part of our lives, especially our emotional and intellectual development.

For your child to grow up confident in their ability to communicate effectively, being able to read well since young is key. But where do you even start?

Look around you and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get your child on a reading adventure over the school holidays. We’ll drop a few hints below:

1. Online Media

If you browsed the internet and landed on this page, you already know how to search for reading passages online. Finding age-appropriate content for your child to read is easy. What matters more, however, is whether the content engages your child.

Consider looking for reading games that go deeper into phonics so that your child not only learns to recognise these alphabets but also knows how they should be pronounced. For a start, browse for the phonics song on YouTube to refresh your child’s memory of the alphabets before deep diving into the reading activity itself.

If your child is more confident, why not play a game of word search, word scramble or missing letters and see who wins?

2. Print Media

Newspapers and magazines may not appeal to your little one but there are unique activities you can create with these print media.

Grab The Straits Times and select a short article. Have your child read it at their own pace and highlight words they recognise and know the meanings of. Then test them on those.

Likewise, ask them to identify new phrases they have never come across. After which, you can help them learn the meanings. Set up a vocabulary book to consolidate these so your child can always look back to review this ever growing “collection” of new words and phrases.

Since it is important for your child to read with understanding, the news clippings are a great way to help them understand a particular news issue (with your help, of course) and be more aware of what’s going on around them.

You could also swap the newspaper for a recent copy of the National Geographic, or pick up a magazine for children like Adventure Box or Anorak from the library, which comes with colourful illustrated stories.

While at it, we can’t stop emphasising the importance of reading books — start with these storybooks for primary school children!

Enhance Your Child’s Reading Skills With MindChamps

It’s never a dull day at MindChamps when it comes to reading. Opt for one of our fun Reading  workshops  with Jngle Explorers, Pirates or even Super hoes and introduce your child to the magical world of books and stories! Complement your child’s school holiday activities with ours when you sign them up for our reading enrichment classes! Following your child’s pace, we help them actively understand the information they are reading and connect concepts to generate new ideas. We also tap on symbols and sounds — phonics — to allow your child to make meaningful correlations when they read, acquire a greater vocabulary and be more confident readers.

Why not book a visit to any of our centres to learn more about our reading programme in Singapore?