How to Find The Right School Holiday Activity?

May 13, 2022

It’s that time of year again – the children are out of school for the holidays and parents are looking for ways to fill their days with activities and keep them entertained. While the break means more bonding time with your child,  there’s the inevitable question of what to do with him all day long. 

Holiday programmes are the perfect solution for children to stay busy and learn new things even when school’s out. However, it can get rather overwhelming with so many enrichment activities out there. Here are three ways to narrow down your search for a suitable holiday programme in Singapore for your child!

1. Understand your child’s interests

One of the best ways to choose a holiday activity is by understanding your little one’s interests.  It is your child who is attending the programme after all. Parents need to learn more about his personality and hobbies to better support him. What gets him excited? What is he interested in? What does he like to do in his spare time? Spending time getting to know what your child cares about can help parents communicate better and guide him in the right direction.

It isn’t hard to figure out what your little one likes. Take the opportunity during the school holidays to observe him and pay attention to the clues he gives you. Or if your child is older, you can directly ask him what he’s into. Perhaps your child loves to read  or maybe he’s really into arts and crafts these days. Consider enrolling him in a engaging reading workshop or an art programme then to foster his development in those respective areas.

2. Read reviews and get recommendations

Another way to narrow down your holiday programme search is to read reviews online. From blogs to parenting websites, there is no shortage of online resources to find the right holiday programmes in Singapore for your child.

It may also be helpful to hear what other fellow parents are recommending through word-of-mouth. Consider joining parent groups to find out what’s the latest chatter over there. This can give you some great ideas on possible holiday workshops that your little one may enjoy since other children their age have tried them out. 

3. Be aware of the enrichment programme’s curriculum

Other than getting recommendations online and from other parents, it’s also important to trust your own judgement. Take the time to understand the enrichment programme’s curriculum and its activities.

Some programmes focus more on traditional academic subjects such as  English and Mathematics , while others emphasise creativity and self-expression through activities like speech and drama. Be sure to get a sense of what the programme is like by asking the staff, reading their brochures, or better yet – scheduling a visit to the centre and seeing it first-hand.

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