EducationHow Do You Know If Your Child Preschool Teacher is Good?

December 9, 2021

As Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder – Chair of Research on the MindChamps World Research, Advisory and Education Team – says, “It’s pointless having the latest research, if we still teach the same way in the classroom.”

Especially at a young age, the most valuable lessons children learn are from the guidance given by both parents and teachers. As your child’s preschool teacher plays a vital role in their development, it is crucial that they move beyond the traditional approach of teaching and continuously introduce new concepts in the learning environment.

What Makes a Good Teacher

If you are choosing a preschool in Singapore, not only should you research the type of curriculum and activities that will unlock your child’s potential, but you should also take note of the mandatory training the teacher gets.

What many parents aren’t aware of is that in most cases, teachers are recruited and deployed to start teaching almost immediately. This is usually done so based on their previous experience. Thus, to the child, it’s the luck of the draw which teacher they get and the quality of learning can be subjective.

Besides the basic qualifications, preschool teachers should also have their own unique style of teaching to provide your child with a more effective and engaging learning experience. This will usually require a consistent form of training to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods.

It is with this strong foundation that can give you the reassurance that your child is in good hands. A good preschool teacher can then better connect with your child on an individual level and help them express themselves – regardless of their learning style.

How MindChamps ‘Theatre’ Makes a Difference

At MindChamps, part of our research-based curriculum incorporates Theatre to nurture our young Champs. Through the range of performing arts modules, your child can learn more effectively and develop greater self-confidence and teamwork.

In fact, to support your child, our teachers undergo 200 hours of compulsory in-house specialised training and accreditation to be qualified to deliver the curriculum. They are also constantly equipped with insights from members of the World Research, Advisory and Education team – who are known as leading experts in the domains of theatre as well as education, psychology, and neuroscience – during our signature twice yearly MindChamps Global Teachers Development and Training.

Through interactive, activity-based lessons, your child’s preschool teacher can help them to be more open and receptive when learning new things. MindChamps Theatre-focused lessons can cover:

  • Developing literacy skills through role playing
  • Observing expressions
  • Listening and making sense of sounds
  • Providing room for self-expression
  • Having the creative freedom to experience and explore

Our MindChamps’ preschool teachers essentially extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom to enable your child to pick up new skills and further inspire imagination. The various lessons can create opportunities for your child to build confidence, which will carry on into their future years. In fact, research also shows that children engage in more sophisticated interactions with tasks during child-choice activities. This includes creative arts and dramatic play.

From Mr Dean Carey – a famous acting coach who has trained many stars including Hugh Jackman –, here’s his take on Theatre and what it means to integrate it with education.

Nurture Your Child’s Love for Learning with MindChamps

By making preschool learning fun and engaging with students with tried-and-true teaching methods, your dedicated MindChamps teacher can set your child up for future success both academically and personally – starting from nursery. Our holistic approach can further make a difference in helping your child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually while developing a Champion’s Mindset. MindChamps can provide your child with play-based games and activities, hands-on experiences and more in an environment designed for their age group.

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