“Should I place my child in an infant care close to work or home?”

July 9, 2018

When selecting an infant care in Singapore, an important factor to consider is the proximity to your home or your workplace.

But which is better?

The goal is to minimise travelling time and costs when dropping off or picking up your child. In addition, you have the peace of mind in knowing that should an emergency arise, you would be able to get to your baby quickly.

Here, we have listed down the different benefits of opting for an infant care centre in Singapore that is close to home and work.

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Choosing an infant care close to work

When you spend your work days away from your little bundle of joy, it is essential for you to have peace of mind about your child’s care arrangements. Choosing an infant care close to your workplace may give you that reassurance. After all, it is no good if you are distracted at work, worrying about your child.

In fact, some employers have noted higher productivity and a lower rate of absenteeism among employees whose children are enrolled in childcare near their offices.

Is your workplace far from home? If so, that is another reason to choose an infant care centre nearer to your office. This way, you can avoid the rush to pick up your child by 7pm and the penalty for late pickups (typically charged in blocks of 10 minutes – yikes).

In Singapore’s central business district (CBD) such as Raffles Place, there are trusted preschools that thoughtfully nurture little ones.

If you work in the CBD and place your child in one of the centres, you and your child will be able to commute together. Working parents often crave more quality time with their children, so this simple commute-turned-bonding-ritual could be the answer.

Also, let us be honest: The idea of being able to drop in on your little one during your lunch hour is pretty enticing. Whether or not you will actually do it is one thing, but just having the choice to do so is a luxury. The option of sneaking a peek at your sweet baby’s face can brighten up an otherwise stressful day at work.

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Choosing an infant care close to home

Some parents may opt for an infant care close to home. For work-from-home parents, this choice may be ideal, because it means they will not waste precious time commuting far. Since their home is like their office, the same “peace of mind while working” mentality applies.

However, parents who work in an office may still choose to enrol their children in an infant care close to home rather than their workplace because it works best for their family situation.

For instance, some parents work longer hours (lots of overtime) or travel for work more frequently than others, and thus rely on a live-in grandparent or caregiver to fetch their children. In these cases, an infant care centre near home would be most convenient.

Location aside, there are other factors to consider when determining whether an infant care centre fulfills your family’s expectations. The infant care centre’s curriculum, environment, educarer qualifications and training, facilities, safety protocols and fees are important as well.

Written by Jenny Tai


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