The Beginner’s Guide to Infant Care Subsidy in Singapore

January 31, 2018

Are you researching on infant care subsidies in Singapore? Look no further! We’ve compiled a beginner’s guide for you. Brought to you by MindChamps Infant Care Singapore

One of the most important decisions that a working mother has to make would be to transition her baby to a designated caregiver when her maternity leave ends.

Some mothers may choose to send their children to their in-laws while others prefer to enrol them in infant care.

One of the best things about having an infant who is a Singapore Citizen is the amount of monetary support given to working parents and working mother.

This was initiated by the Singapore government to encourage more working adults to have children.

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Besides receiving the Baby Bonus and top-ups in your child’s CDA account, the government has also put in place several types of subsidies to help offset the high cost of infant care.

These subsidies keep infant care affordable for working parents who need this service.

Here is the beginner’s guide to infant care subsidy in Singapore.

Who qualifies for infant care subsidy in Singapore?

In order to qualify for any form of infant care subsidy:

  1. Your child must be a Singapore Citizen and is between the age of 2-18 months.
  2. The childcare centre must be licensed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

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What are the different types of infant care subsidies?

There are mainly two types of subsidies, the basic and the additional.

Basic Subsidy

  1. Working mothers are entitled to a $600 subsidy for full day and a $300 for half day infant care.
  2. Non-working mothers are entitled to a $150 subsidy for either full day or half day infant care.

Additional Subsidy

Working mothers and single fathers who work more than 56 hours weekly and have a household income of not more than $7,500 can also qualify for an additional infant care subsidy.

Alternatively, larger families can apply if their Per Capita Income is not more than $1,875.  If there are five or more people in your household including more than two dependents, you can apply for the additional subsidy based on your Per Capita Income.

Per Capita income is calculated as:

Capita Income (PCI) = Total gross monthly household income of family members <divided by> Number of family members living in the same household

Take a look at some of the worked examples provided by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) here.

Alternatively, check out how much subsidy you are entitled using the calculator provided.

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How to apply?

The infant care centre will provide you with the necessary forms when you enrol your baby. Alternatively, you can find the subsidy form here. Be sure to have your child’s birth certificate and one parent’s identification card with you as you complete the form.

If you are still unsure about the subsidies and how it is calculated, do approach the infant care centre that you are going to enrol your child in for help.

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