Reading Programmes for Kids: Which is the Right One for My Child?

February 1, 2018

Before enroling your child in a reading programme, are you forgetting one crucial step?

Always start by finding out your child’s reading abilities and learning style first. This can be done through a comprehensive literacy assessment.

Choose reading programmes for kids that offer literacy assessments

How do you know if a reading programme will really help your child?

All kids are different.

The most effective reading programmes for kids can tailor to a child’s individual skill levels — and that’s where literacy assessments come in.

Literacy assessments provide clear information about your child’s current level of understanding in terms of reading, vocabulary, letter identification, high-frequency words, reading comprehension and other key skills.

Knowing your child’s baseline skills is helpful in measuring their progress later on. Once assessed, your child can be placed in the most suitable level that addresses his or her needs to ensure immediate improvements.

If the word “assessment” drudges up nervousness and the image of your child sitting through an exam setting, rest assured that at MindChamps, the International Early Childhood Literacy experts-backed literacy assessment is carried out in a conducive environment — just like a normal fun class.

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Types of reading programmes for kids in Singapore: Phonics Classes vs Integrated Reading Programmes

Out of the numerous reading programmes for kids in Singapore, how do you choose the right one for your child?

There are phonics classes and integrated reading programmes for kids. Types of reading programmes in Singapore may also differ in their approach, classroom environment and method of teaching.

Some may be more academic and memorisation-based while others may incorporate creativity, music, storytelling, acting and games.

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While it is important to master phonics, most phonics classes in Singapore have limitations. Phonics and phonemic awareness are indeed important components of early literacy that boost a child’s reading confidence.

However, the English language is complex and multi-faceted with many exceptions — and phonetic decoding by itself is not enough. A word can sound the same but mean different things in different contexts.

To become a fully independent reader who can comprehend various texts and genres, an integrated reading programme may be more effective because it is more dynamic.

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Through its multi-prong approach, an integrated reading programme develops a child’s active understanding for effective learning in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

On top of developing their phonemic awareness and phonics, children will improve their analytical and higher order thinking skills, narrative intelligence, fluency, vocabulary building and structural awareness. These skills will greatly benefit your child’s creative writing abilities.

Opt for reading programmes for kids that cover all the bases. Plus, make sure it’s fun!

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