EducationPrimary SchoolJumping from Ds & Es to As in the PSLE, 3 Students Share Their Stories

November 19, 2021

From left to right: Benjamin Chan, Dan Meng Hui, Claudia Wu

“I always get distracted, and I just cannot focus,” says Benjamin Chan.

Benjamin really struggled with his PSLE preparations as he was easily distracted. Whenever he attempted to study, he usually ended up playing video games or sleeping.

As a result, Benjamin had to stay up late to rush his homework. Still, he was not able to complete it. That impacted his grades where he scored an E for Chinese and Ds for Maths and Science in his school exams.

Dan Meng Hui and Claudia Wu were also struggling with their PSLE preparations. Their problem was trying to understand what was taught in school. Meng Hui did not know how to tackle questions and she could not understand her teacher’s explanations, while Claudia simply could not keep up with her peers.

This affected the three of them in terms of their self-confidence, as they were frustrated with their studies and progress.

Making their breakthroughs

To make a breakthrough in their studies and PSLE preparations, they needed to find a different way.

Fortunately, they did and it helped them achieve what they were striving for. Their hard work paid off as you can see from their PSLE results.

School Exams Results PSLE Results
Benjamin Chan Chinese: E
Maths:    D
Science: D
Chinese: A
Maths:    A
Science: A
Dan Meng Hui Maths:    E
Science: D
Maths:   A*
Science: A
Claudia Wu Maths:    E
Science: E
Maths:   A
Science: B

How did Benjamin, Meng Hui and Claudia achieve their breakthrough results? 

It was the “how” to learn instead of “what” to learn. With the help of MindChamps trainers, the three of them made breakthroughs in their PSLEs.

Benjamin Chan 2020 PSLE Grad

Benjamin explained that MindChamps trainers focused on teaching them methods and “not how to do the actual thing”.

In no time, Benjamin understood the art of learning where he applied different strategies to different questions. “I just apply them during my PSLE exam and my grades just keep on improving.”

Benjamin felt that the strategies learnt at MindChamps helped him a lot and will continue to help him in secondary school and beyond.

Feedback: The seed of growth 

Dan Meng Hui

As for Meng Hui, she learnt from the feedback given by MindChamps trainers. “The feedback they gave me helped me learn from my mistakes, because I made many mistakes along the way and the feedback helped me improve a lot.”

For the actual PSLE, Meng Hui was able to solve all the questions and look back at the answers, and think of other ways to solve them, double checking her work in the process.

Understand concepts better

Claudia Wu 2020 PSLE gradFor Claudia, MindChamps trainers made it easy for her to understand, as they explained the details clearly. It also helped that her science trainer used jokes, she elaborates “When the trainer uses humour and jokes, it’s easy to remember as it leaves a funny impression so I can easily remember it during exams.”

Claudia also shared that the trainers had encouraged her throughout the journey which made her more confident in her own answers.

With their new found confidence and understanding of methods, the three of them were able to understand the concepts they needed to apply in their PSLEs.

Their results are testaments to the breakthrough learning techniques and strategies taught at MindChamps.

Find out how our programmes can help your child make breakthroughs in their studies and lives.

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Written by Huang Ya Ting