Learning Through Sensory Play at our Preschool @ West Coast Plaza

April 18, 2018

Discovering the joys of learning

MindChamps PreSchool’s unique curriculum ensures that any child who is enrolled in the programme gets to experience a wide variety of activities that will ignite their sense of curiosity and allow them to grow and discover the joys of learning from a young age.

Let’s use our five senses!

For MindChamps PreSchool @ West Coast Plaza, the kindergarten near Clementi has found a unique way to allow the Champs to use their five senses to explore and learn about the world around them. One of the ways is through sensory play – which is crucial to brain development.

Here, we feature the highlights of the Champs sensorial learning journey as they explored the animal kingdom.

Frog farm visit

Champs visited a frog farm recently which was a good opportunity to explore their world through ‘sensory play’ in the great outdoors.

Champs learnt about the life cycles of a frog and got to touch and ‘catch’ tadpoles. Picking up and touching things are part of sensory play – apart from smelling, tasting and hearing them.

kindergarten near clementi
Catching tadpoles used to be a past time of kids in the past.


Through their visit to the frog farm, the Champs brought back tadpoles and frogs to rear in the classroom.



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The life cycle of a butterfly

Learning about the life cycle of a butterfly was indeed a wonderful learning opportunity for the Champs. Not only did they get to observe the caterpillars, the Champs also participated in the release of the butterflies after they had morphed from their pupa. This is all thanks to a volunteer from Bukit Panjang Butterfly Garden, who graciously brought along caterpillars for our Champs to observe.

kindergarten near clementi
Champs were curious and excited to observe the caterpillars.


kindergarten near clementi
Releasing the butterflies. Bye-bye butterflies.


To bring the learning journey to another level, teachers read “The Hungry Caterpillar” to our Kindergarten Champs and got them to dramatise the life cycle of a butterfly during the lesson.

They imagined how a caterpillar crawls and then changes to a chrysalis before finally becoming a butterfly.

kindergarten near clementi
Champs dramatizing how caterpillars move.

Dramatic play is an integral part of a well-rounded preschool education as it helps to promote creativity in children.


kindergarten near clementi
Champs pretending to be butterfly eggs.



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Spot the stick insect

By now, our brave Champs have been exposed to frogs and the butterflies – so it’s time to bring out the stick insect.

A stick insect presents many teaching opportunities for our curious Kindergarten Champs.

Although a common insect, they are rarely seen. By coming up-close to the stick insect, our Champs got to learn about insect camouflage. 

kindergarten near clementi

Our Kindergarten Champs were curious and at the same time confused because they could not spot the stick insect at first. When the insect was taken out, they were shocked and intrigued.
They wanted to learn how it lives and how it took the shape of a twig. Although they were scared and squeamish initially, they soon picked up the courage to touch the insect upon learning that it was harmless and slow moving.
kindergarten near clementi


With MindChamps’ philosophy of 100% Respect and Zero Fear, Kindergarten Champs were introduced to the insect world and taught to love and respect all living things.


kindergarten near clementi

Learning never gets dull for  Champs at this kindergarten near Clementi when they bring nature into the classroom.  

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