MindChamps’ Dr William Tan Creates History in North Korea

April 25, 2018

Dr William Tan at the Kim II Sung Stadium after completing the Pyongyang Marathon

It is extremely inspiring to hear the stories of everyday heroes who defied the odds and went ahead to reach a record-breaking milestone.

Earlier this month, our Chief Strategic Officer and Medical Director of MindChamps Medical, Dr William Tan, was put in the spotlight when he became the first person to finish the Pyongyang Marathon in a wheelchair.

North Korea – one of the world’s most secretive societies and one of the few countries still under communist rule – is not your usual travel destination, but then again most of the things that Dr Tan does is extraordinary.

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Pushing against all odds

For Dr Tan, participating in the Boston Marathon is an event which he looks forward to every year. However, upon being accepted by the North Korean’s Olympic Committee to take part in the Pyongyang Marathon, he made the necessary arrangements to push through with this change of plans.

Dr Tan encountered some hiccups just days before the trip and at that point in time, it seemed as though his participation in the marathon may not happen.

But pushing aside the preconceived notions that the reclusive state was mysterious and unsafe, our 61-year-old Champ went to North Korea for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Finishing the marathon in a stadium packed with more than 40,000 people cheering me on as I raced the last 400m warmed my heart. It was phenomenal.

– Dr William Tan

He successfully completed his 42.2 km race, connecting with the North Korean people along his route and doing his part to promote World Peace.

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Indeed, we are truly proud of Dr Tan’s latest achievement and efforts to make this world a better place to live in for everyone.

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Get to know Dr William Tan

A multi-degree graduate of the National University of Singapore, as well as Newcastle, Auckland, Harvard and Oxford Universities, Dr Tan is a highly-successful neuroscientist and medical doctor who has worked at renowned medical and research institutions, including the National Cancer Centre in Singapore.

As an accomplished sportsman who devotes his time to championing and fundraising for needy causes worldwide, Dr Tan has raised over $18 million for children’s and medical charities, to date.