How MindChamps’ Kindergarten Programme in Yishun Imparts Values Through Fun Excursions and Events

June 5, 2018

Learning is not all about excelling academically. At MindChamps kindergarten in Yishun, there is a strong focus on inculcating values in young minds.

In line with MindChamps’ Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect & Zero Fear, teachers seek to instil values such as confidence, gratefulness, compassion and more in their Champs. This is mainly achieved by organising exciting programmes and activities which also double up as a learning experience.

Here, we share some sneak peeks of some of the programmes and activities that are organised for Champs at MindChamps PreSchool @ Yishun during the year.

Effective curriculum at the kindergarten in Yishun

This preschool centre plans an interesting curriculum that aims to educate their Champs and inculcate life values in them. These lessons are conveyed clearly to the kids before they set out on their learning journeys with their teachers to places related to the themes of that term.

To make the most of their learning journeys, children are taught to be inquisitive and are encouraged to ask questions in class. As the saying goes, “every experience is a lesson”, the teachers are always on the lookout for teachable moments throughout the day. This inspires the Champs to be even more curious about their surroundings and take in information more rapidly.

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Interesting excursions and events that prepare them for the future

The City (Indoor Playground)

kindergarten in yishun

kindergarten in yishun

Champs had the opportunity to go for an excursion to “The City” indoor playground where they learnt about grown-up jobs, how to “shop” for groceries and pay for their own items.

The children got to role play as doctors, chefs and hair stylists, which strengthened their understanding of these occupations and the roles of the people in the community. It also gave them a sense of independence and a little taste of the future.

Hay Dairies

To tie back to the term’s theme on animals, the kindergarten Champs at MindChamps PreSchool Yishun went on a learning journey to Hay Dairies where they got to witness first-hand the goats’ milking process and feed Alfalfa hay to the goats

Apart from giving them the opportunity to step away from the comforts of their classrooms, this trip also doubles up as a lesson on the value “I am Compassionate” as they learn about the day-to-day life of the goats.

Champs learnt that we can help the goats to continue producing highly nutritious milk by ensuring that they are well-fed with hay. They also learnt that there is much that we all can do to provide a comfortable living space for the goats in the farm by disposing empty plastic bottles and packing responsibly into the bin to prevent the goats from consuming them and getting choked.

Tea session for parents

kindergarten in yishun

To enhance their learning experience, Champs were put in charge of preparing healthy snacks to serve to their parents during a tea session at the centre. This taught them how to show care for their loved ones and put the needs of others before that of their own. They truly enjoyed themselves and in the process, got to learn about responsibility and teamwork.

Teaching children values through meaningful celebrations

kindergarten in yishun

The MindChamps kindergarten in Yishun also teaches students values through exciting events. The school recently held a Singapore World Water Day (SWWD) celebration. The Champs were taught the importance of water and were walked through the five water saving tips.

kindergarten in yishun

The children took the pledge to save water with these tips and learnt what water sustainability was and what Singapore was doing to aid this cause. Through fun activities, the children also learnt to value the clean water running from our taps. Indeed, the celebrations taught the kids to be grateful for water and the environment.

Written by Steffi Wee

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