Here’s How Lesson Time is Balanced with Play at MindChamps Boon Keng

February 1, 2019

According to a recent study, children are spending less time playing than on their devices. In the study conducted by Gallup and leading children’s toys manufacturer Melissa and Doug, children aged two to 10 spend an average of 18.6 hours of their free time on their devices per week. In contrast, they spend 14.6 hours on indoor play and 10.6 hours outdoors.

However, MindChamps Boon Keng is a childcare centre in Singapore which seeks to change that by making play an integral part of its curriculum. Here are some ways in which lesson time presents the opportunity for children to learn and engage in various types of play.

Fun facilities to help in physical growth

mindchamps boon keng

Boasting a luxurious indoor and outdoor space containing a gym, turf area and sky garden, MindChamps Boon Keng is well-equipped with facilities to help children in both physical and mental growth.

At this childcare centre, children have many opportunities to engage in safe and constructive play in these areas with simple games like soccer and “Simon Says”. Not only do these games help in their physical development by developing muscle strength – but they also teach the kids to be a better team player.

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Games that promote mental development

mindchamps boon keng

The games mentioned above can only function when all the children adhere to the rules – this is where their lesson on the importance of following instructions comes in. Moreover, they learn to share and work as a team through social play. Through frequent interactions with friends, children also learn to use moral reasoning to develop a mature sense of values.

Special zones to promote experimentation and imagination

mindchamps boon keng

Besides the fun facilities, classrooms at this childcare centre also feature setups such as the Dramatic Zone. Here, children engage in imaginary play by trying out new roles and possible situations. By using toys such as child-sized kitchen equipment, telephones and other household equipment, they can use their imagination to experiment with language.

There are also other types of toys like blocks, figurines and building objects to further expand their creativity. By handling these objects and materials, children learn to grapple with more complex concepts in the future. This also allows children to experiment in a safe space and gives them a sense of accomplishment as they take control.

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A fun way to learn at MindChamps Boon Keng

Here, the lessons are designed to encourage children to think flexibly and express themselves through numbers and language. By learning about numbers, kids will learn how to problem solve and think flexibly.

For example, they will perform addition and subtraction using counters or figure out number patterns using number foams. The children will also be tasked to label objects around their immediate environment and describe their actions or likes. This teaches them different ways of expressing their thoughts and emotions.

mindchamps boon keng

Play is incredibly important for the physical and mental well-being of the growing tots, and no childcare centre in Singapore knows that better than MindChamps Boon Keng. For this reason and more, the teachers are constantly tailoring their lessons to the kids’ needs to ensure they are having a fun while learning at school.

Written by Steffi Wee


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