5 Reasons Why MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II is Perfect for Families Who Live and Work in the Area

January 30, 2019

Good news for parents who are looking for the best childcare options in Sembawang, Yishun and Woodlands!

MindChamps PreSchool now has a centre at Nordcom II in the heart of the community.

Here’s a sneak preview of the preschool experience that MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II offers – and what makes it a perfect choice for parents who live and work in the area.

1. MindChamps Nordcom II is in a prime location in Sembawang

Situated on Gambas Crescent, the newest MindChamps Preschool centre at Sembawang has a strategic location, with accessible links to major expressways like the Seletar Expressway (SLE). For parents who commute by public transport, MindChamps Nordcom II is also a short walk away from Sembawang MRT station and is served by buses which ply convenient routes in the area.

With many young families living and working around Sembawang, this new preschool is certainly a convenient touchpoint. The centre is also near to beautiful green spaces and playgrounds like Canberra Park and Sembawang Park.

2. Our centre directors are personally invested in a MindChamps education

MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II is run by a husband-and-wife team who has a deep personal connection with the MindChamps family. When Timothy and Nicol Tan became parents, they shopped around for a suitable preschool for their firstborn, determined to find one that ticked all their boxes. Admitting that it was an “exciting yet tedious and mind-boggling task”, Timothy and Nicol at first ran into difficulties in finding the perfect preschool.

mindchamps nordcom
The kids of Timothy & Nicol Tan who inspired them to set up MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II in Sembawang.

It was only when they shortlisted MindChamps PreSchool that they realised that it met all their criteria, namely having a robust curriculum, a happy environment, and situated in a convenient location. Their firstborn thrived so well that when their second child came along, Timothy and Nicol did not hesitate to sign him up too, assured that he would bloom, grow and learn in the MindChamps environment just like his elder sister had.

Having enjoyed such a wonderful experience with MindChamps for their own children, Timothy and Nicol now seek to share it with parents looking for a preschool in Sembawang. According to them, their philosophy is all about growing a deep partnership between parents and school. While it may be tough, the couple believes it is worth the effort, because they love and care for every child.

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3. Conducive indoor facilities for both study and play

If you want to find the best childcare in Sembawang with thoughtful, beautiful facilities, look no further! The indoor space of this preschool has been specially designed to meet your children’s needs.

The classrooms are warm and welcoming, and items are kept within the children’s reach to ensure that they can take initiative for their learning in a space that is made with them in mind. A wall for building blocks is a huge draw for our little ones as well.

We know that studies have proven how important the arts can be to a child’s development in allowing them to express their emotions, stimulate their cognitive abilities, and hone their self-confidence. Accordingly, one of the star features of MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II is a mini-stage called the Champs Theatre, allowing children the space to articulate their skills. Equipped with costumes and props, our preschool in Sembawang offers a weekly Creativity and Theatrical Strategies™ programme which strives to bring out the creativity in children.

mindchamps nordcom
Role-playing in action at MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II.

The indoor gym is also a highlight and one of the children’s favourite spaces in the school. Timothy and Nicol strongly believe in using the right tools and strategies to create a conducive environment to nurture each child, and they have certainly achieved that here.

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4. A wide variety of outdoor spaces

MindChamps Nordcom II provides some excellent outdoor facilities that help to boost learning in children. A calm and breezy rooftop sheltered garden pavilion with stone pathways is perfect for children to get some sunlight and fresh air, as research shows that exposure to natural settings has a positive effect on emotional and cognitive functioning.

Our preschool in Sembawang also boasts a gated basketball court and a playground where the children can enjoy games and activities in a safe environment. With soft rubber flooring and structures to engage little hands and feet, the playground is always a hot favourite with the children.

Last but not least, one of the best things about having your children enrolled at MindChamps Nordcom II is that they get to enjoy the use of the building’s swimming pool. Under the watchful eye of our teachers, the little ones can splash and play in the cool water on a sunny day.

4. Warm and loving teachers

Timothy and Nicol feel that it is of utmost importance that teachers grow deep, meaningful relationships with their students. In fact, one of their key beliefs is that “love makes a child’s brain grow!” As such, their staff are very well-supported and exhibit warmth and love to all the kids at the centre.

Timothy notes that staff welfare is paramount: only when staff are personally happy and fulfilled as employees, will they be able to in turn extend the fullness of loving care to their charges. Timothy and Nicol are proud that their teachers are “able to offer their best to nurture and love every child”.

Written by JoBeth Williams


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