Bringing the MindChamps Education Movement Worldwide with Pavilion Capital

April 10, 2018

At MindChamps, it is our mission to nurture young Champions and prepare them for the world of tomorrow which will be vastly different from the one we live in today.

To take the MindChamps Education Movement to the world, MindChamps PreSchool Limited (MindChamps) has entered into an agreement with Pavilion Capital Holdings Pte. Ltd. (PavCap) to create the MindChamps PreSchool Global Fund.

Both organisations will jointly form a holding company to manage this fund.  MindChamps will own 70% while PavCap will own 30% of this holding company.

PavCap will commit funds to the MindChamps PreSchool Global Fund, which will raise funds from other investors who seek exposure in the growing global preschool education sector, leveraging MindChamps’ expertise and experience in the sector.

Collective efforts to build a world of MindChampions

The MindChamps team together with the team from Pavilion Capital.

Mr Tow Heng Tan, CEO of Pavilion Capital has expressed his enthusiasm in partnering MindChamps to expand our network of preschool centres globally.

“Preschool education is a growing sector due to rising demand from the middle-class population globally. MindChamps is an established brand in Singapore. We are pleased with the opportunity to work closely with them to internationalise through expanding their network of overseas franchisees,” Mr Tow Heng Tan explains.

The MindChamps PreSchool Global Fund will, in turn, invest in country preschool funds, which has been established to set up and acquire preschools under the MindChamps brand in individual countries.

One such country preschool fund is the MindChamps PreSchool China Fund (earlier referred to as China Preschool Fund), which is a JV between MindChamps and China First Capital Group Limited, inked in February 2018.

David Chiem, Founder CEO & Executive Chairman, MindChamps PreSchool Limited

“We are pleased to partner Pavilion Capital, which has a strong international fund network, while we have a cutting-edge early childhood education model. Together, our combined strength will bring the MindChamps Education Movement proudly from Singapore to the World.”

Mr Tow Heng Tan, CEO of Pavilion Capital with our happy Champs.