Key Benefits of Sending Your Child to Our Mandarin Playgroup @ Tampines Central

April 12, 2018

Are you looking for a playgroup in Tampines? We explain the top advantages of sending your child to a mandarin playgroup in the area.

Learning mandarin does not have to be difficult for children – the trick is to start them during their playgroup years.

However, it is not uncommon to know or hear from other parents about how their child struggle to pick up mandarin in playgroup. Additionally, most of the times it is the parents themselves who find it difficult to get their child interested in learning Mandarin.

Parents may consider sending their child to mandarin playgroups as they can help by building interest and nurturing your child’s Chinese language skills.

These playgroups offer a conducive learning environment to help children as young as 18 months to develop an understanding and love for the Chinese language and its culture.

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Living in Tampines? Consider how attending a Mandarin playgroup benefits your child.

1. Exposure to Mandarin in a playgroup setting

Exposure to mandarin is one very important factor in helping your child’s learning development. By exposing them to the language as often as possible, it will help them familiarise themselves with it.

When they are used to listening to conversations in Chinese, they would not feel as distant as before. This also helps to boost their confidence in picking up the language.

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines is the only mandarin playgroup in Tampines to expose your child to such an environment.

2. Striking their interest in Mandarin

When exposing your child to Mandarin, it is important to retain their interest.

The Creativity & Theatrical Strategies™ enrichment programme offered by MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Tampines Central provides your child exposure and hands-on experience in Chinese to keep them interested.

Apart from being exposed to diverse media, children will also be given the opportunity to stretch their creative minds through a series of generative questions.

This allows their young and curious minds to remain actively engaged with interesting activities that bring life to every aspect of the curriculum.

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3. Fun and conducive learning environment

When exposing your child to Chinese-related activities, introducing to them a wide variety is encouraged. This can even include an appreciation of the Chinese culture.

For example, the Chinese Culture Appreciation programme offered at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Tampines Playgroup provides your child with the opportunity to gain insights into China’s rich history and culture during lessons.

To spruce things up further,  this mandarin playgroup in Tampines offers tea appreciation sessions and Chinese calligraphy to give your child a memorable hands-on experience.

What’s more, the playgroup students are also given the chance to try out clay modelling, which would most probably be their very first experience.

Thus, sending your child to a mandarin playgroup that provides all the essential facilities and a conducive learning environment is very important.

4. Practice makes perfect

Another advantage of sending your child to a Mandarin playgroup is that your child is given the opportunity to practice.

More importantly, they would be encouraged by dedicated educators to do so. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, and this is particularly true when learning a language.

With dedicated teachers who undergo regular extensive compulsory training, parents can rest assured that their child’s early learning journey is in good hands.

To keep up with the ever-changing development of the educational requirements, our mandarin playgroup in Tampines works towards going above and beyond the expected regulatory requirements of educators.

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Young children learn more effectively through hands-on experimental activities. Additionally, such activities also keep them interested while at the same time, help develop and nurture the skills which they should attain.

Hence, parents who are looking to improve their child’s command of mandarin should strongly consider mandarin playgroups.

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