MindChamps vs Reggio Emilia: Exploring Similarities & Differences

September 2, 2022

When it comes to selecting a preschool for your child, you would want to understand what kind of learning style is suitable for them. No pedagogy is better than another; the impact it has on your child’s development is the key determinant.

All pedagogical approaches put the child’s interests at heart, which means identifying the nuanced differences can help you decide which preschool to put your child in. For instance, the developmental-interaction methodology emphasises a child’s unique self, just like we do here at MindChamps. But we take it a step further with our 3-Mind approach, which makes learning meaningfully collaborative.

Overlaps with the Reggio Emilia pedagogy are hard to miss too, so are the subtle factors that set our own apart. We dive into these below.

How Are Reggio Emilia & MindChamps Alike?

The celebration of a child’s unique qualities are apparent in all pedagogical approaches, which makes Reggio Emilia no different. Through self-directed and experiential learning, preschoolers understand themselves better and grow at a pace comfortable to them. At MindChamps, we nurture in our children the Champion Mindset with the 3-Mind approach so they can emerge as resilient and independent learners. The Champion Mind facilitates this by building their emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-confidence and self-awareness. Your child identifies what makes them stand out, develops trust in what they perceive the world to be, and shows the grit to learn from mistakes and face challenges that come their way.

Both Reggio Emilia and MindChamps also emphasise a non-academic concept of play, where personal expression and exploration with the real world take centrestage.

How Are Reggio Emilia & MindChamps Different?

The differences between Reggio Emilia and MindChamps stem from their similarities – pursuit of uniqueness and meaningful play in MindChamps follows a more structured approach, compared to Reggio Emilia.

We incorporate S.M.I.L.E.S elements into our preschool curriculum that facilitate the creation of a holistic learning experience based on your child’s interests. Teachers play a critical role in this. Through our proprietary Enquiry Teaching and Learning™ approach, your child will be encouraged to ask insightful questions through various structured activities that lead them to a facilitated enquiry exploration. They will learn how to consider multiple perspectives, include them in their observations and methods when solving problems and coming up with new ideas. Complemented with the 3-Mind approach, your child not only learns, but also understands how to learn, store, recall and synthesise the information presented to them.

On the other hand, the Reggio Emilia classroom is flexible and open-ended because, while teachers plan lessons, they adapt in real time. Children are encouraged to learn about the environments from within their classrooms, which is designed to be an extension of the real world.

Find Out How MindChamps Can Do Wonders For Your Child

In essence, it can be said that the MindChamps pedagogy is based on 3-Mind Approach. If you’d like to explore how our curriculum can help your child, book a visit at any of our centres today and let your child experience some of our preschool activities!