Why Enrol Your Child In A Preschool In Singapore?

September 2, 2022

Many parents find themselves wondering whether they should send their sons and daughters to a preschool. After all, if their child is so young, how can he understand what is happening during lesson time?

Contrary to popular belief, most experts agree that the ideal age to send a child for preschool education is between three and five years old. In fact, young children in that age range already have the perfect balance of maturity and readiness for school.

Though it may seem like just another rung on the educational ladder, preschool is vital for a child’s development. These early years are the best time to lay the foundation for all the learning and development that will take place over a child’s lifetime.

Below are three reasons why early childhood education is important and the benefits of enrolling your child into a preschool in Singapore.

1. Interacting with other children of their age

Children often spend most of their time indoors in front of screens in today’s digital world. Preschools provide a space to hone their social development, such as interacting with peers, learning how to share, and taking turns. For example, at MindChamps Preschool, Champs will have many opportunities to participate in various games and activities and work together to resolve the challenges faced.

Even conflicts amongst preschoolers are opportunities for them to identify their feelings and talk about what happened, helping them gain a better understanding of the feelings of others. These are all important skills that will serve them well both in and out of the classroom.

Socialisation does not only happen amongst children. It can also be a great way for parents to get to know other families in the community. They can connect with different parents and even create a support network that may last for years to come.

2. Be accustomed to the concept of structured learning 

In a typical preschool setting in Singapore, your child will learn to follow rules and routines, remain seated for short periods, and pay attention to a teacher as forms of discipline. This experience can help him become more independent, as well as prepare and transit him to a more formal learning environment in the future.

Preschools also allow children to learn in a safe and supportive space. Through play and exploration like outdoor walks, singing, and storytelling, children can learn about their world and develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills. For example, MindChamps Preschool incorporates Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social (S.M.I.L.E.S) elements through experiential classroom activities to develop a holistic learning experience for your preschooler.

3. Give an academic head start

A preschool programme can give your child a much-needed academic head start. For example, he will be exposed to basic academic skills such as literacy like reading and writing as well as numeracy like mathematical concepts. Not only does this early exposure help children develop a strong foundation, it can also foster a greater love of learning in your little one.

Teachers in MindChamps Preschool make use of a unique Enquiry Teaching and Learning approach to nurture and bring out the inquisitive nature of children. For example, students will be encouraged to ask questions and explore themselves to seek the answers instead of being given the answers directly.

Set Your Child Up For Success In School And Beyond With MindChamps Preschool

Children’s earliest years are the most important ones. High-quality preschool education can play a critical role during this important developmental period for a child to achieve his best academically, socially, and emotionally.

At MindChamps, we aim to help your children build a successful future in school and life through a curriculum that is backed by decades of research. Book a visit at any of our MindChamps Preschool centres in Singapore and check it out for yourself today!