MindChamps Zhongshan Park Reviews: Parents Share Their Kids’ Progress and Learning Journey in this Preschool

December 6, 2018

Choosing a good preschool for your kids is probably the most important decision you will have to make for them up to this point. You want what is best for your kids, so a good preschool – where they will spend at least half of their day at – is vital.

This becomes even more important when relocating from another country. Kids are easily affected by a change in their environments but having a good preschool can help in the assimilation process and provide some stability.

Enrolling your child into preschool at a young age may also be worrying for both parents and children, but a welcoming school environment would be able to alleviate the stress for both.

MindChamps Zhongshan Park is apt at handling these “challenges” – working together with parents to ensure a smooth transition for the children.

Here are some stories from the proud parents who have placed their children at this childcare centre in Zhongshan Park.

A welcoming and positive environment to encourage the young

Yasmine was very apprehensive about sending Emily to school given her young age – she was only one and a half years old when she started. However, her worries proved to be unfounded as Emily’s playgroup teachers demonstrated professionalism right from the start. The teachers were positive, kind and communicated with the parents often. Yasmine was comforted when Emily settled in quickly. She also praised the teaching capabilities of the teachers, for both herself and her husband saw a vast improvement in Emily’s English and Mandarin vocabularies as well as social skills.

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Helping kids transition smoothly at MindChamps Zhongshan Park

For the parents of Seana, selecting a good school was important for their daughter to adapt to the new environment here after relocating from overseas. They wanted to select a good school where Seana would feel loved, would be able to transition and embrace the language and culture. They also wanted to make sure that she would be able to make new friends who may look, speak and interact differently.

They evaluated various preschool options in their area before deciding on MindChamps PreSchool Zhongshan Park. They chose it precisely for the unique blend of international and local curriculum, diversity among students, parent-teacher engagement and the individual attention each child was provided. The parents appreciated the patience and support shown by the teachers and staff towards their daughter. They were happy to share that Seana felt excited to be at school and often talks happily about her daily routine, especially her favourite class – Gourmet Moments.

The parents feel that their daughter has adapted well to the new environment and MindChamps had certainly played a pivotal role in this transition. While the parents concede that they do not understand the Chinese rhymes she sings, they still managed to learn the numbers and the names of fruits from her! In general, the parents are comforted that she is well taken care of by the teachers, principal and support staff at the school.

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Well-equipped with facilities such as an indoor playground, coupled with fun activities and experiences to maximise every child’s learning capacity, this childcare centre will ensure that your children will look forward to school every single day.

Written by Steffi Wee


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