A Welcome Back Note from Our Nursery 1 Teachers at Changi Business Park

July 2, 2020

Welcome back to school Champs!

It has been a fruitful yet engaging period of home-based learning (HBL) sessions during the circuit breaker.

All of you adapted well to the changes and were happy to participate in the activities we prepared and delivered during lessons on Microsoft Teams.

For that, we are grateful for all your mummies and daddies for helping and supporting us all the way so that all of you could log in for lessons every day.

A big Thank You to all our wonderful Champion Parents!

outdoor time

outdoor time

Embracing the “New Normal” 

Following the wonderful weeks of HBL, it was delightful to hear that all of you can finally return to school.

During the final HBL session, we ran through the various practices that need to be in place when we reopen. This includes things like putting on a face mask, practising social distancing and washing of hands regularly.

As we also had some major works done on our outdoor play area, we brought all of you on virtual tour via Microsoft Teams. This definitely made all of you excited and eager to head back to school!

outdoor time

The first day back in school went really well and we’re so proud of all of you for adapting to the necessary changes. We were pleasantly surprised to see how independent all of you were in putting on your masks and removing them to store into the Ziploc bags several times a day – during mealtimes and around shower and naptime.

All of you even attempted to use your arms to create spaces between yourselves and your friends while queuing up and even while you’re all seated. And of course, not forgetting the eight steps of handwashing as well and you’ve all been putting in a conscientious effort to keep your hands clean.

Great work, Nursery 1!

outdoor time

outdoor time

Hooray for Outdoor Time 

We know that all of you have been waiting for outdoor time.

When it was finally time for us to head out to play, everyone quickly put on their shoes and there was this ‘Wow!’ expression on your faces upon seeing the playground and tricycle area.

Our playground is made up of a few different zones and there are plenty of opportunities for all of you to work on various developmental skills. For example, by climbing the ladders, this helps in building body awareness as you develop gross motor skills. This also encourages you to think critically by predicting what might happen next.

We can also see all of you thinking hard, as though you are all figuring out questions such as “Where should my foot go next?” or “How will I get down from the top?”.

Keep these thought processes going, Champs, for it helps to train your intuition and adaptability in various situations.

outdoor time

outdoor time

We love seeing that satisfied look on your faces when you finally find a way to ascend the obstacle course through the ladders.

Playing in such settings also allows young children like you to pick up socio-emotional skills. By interacting with each other, you learn about sharing, taking turns and how to communicate with one another in a positive way. Indeed, it is through this that all of you understand your friends better and new friendships are formed.

Amidst having fun in the sun, we’re happy to see everyone being mindful in practising social distancing. You all exercised patience in taking turns and ensured that there was at least one-arm spacing from your friends ahead.

We know it was not easy but you gave your best – and for that, we’re so proud of all of you!

outdoor time

Till’ the Next Outdoor Time…

We’re pretty sure that all of you will be looking forward to many more outdoor sessions every day. It’s definitely a great way to get some fresh air and to get some exercise after all your lessons and routines indoors.

We hope that you will keep up with these great practices and it warms our hearts to see your smiling faces in school once again.


With love,

N1 Teachers

MindChamps PreSchool @ Changi Business Park

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