3 Surprising Ways a Phonics Class Helps Your Primary 1 Child Read Better

October 30, 2017

Phonics class helps a child read better by sounding out letters and blending sounds to form words.

As your Primary 1 child takes on the MOE curriculum, possessing strong ability in reading, comprehending and writing will enable him or her to score well in exams.

Here are five surprising ways that a phonics class can be useful in developing your Primary 1 child’s reading skills.

1. Your child is more likely to learn and commit phonics and vocabulary to his or her memory when an English enrichment class teaches through music

Look for a phonics class that incorporates music. Scientific findings show that children learn more effectively through music and steady beat responses that improve listening. MindChamps’ ‘Say and Sing Phonics’ method helps your child master phonics while deepening his or her love for reading. Cheerful songs and rhymes coupled with multi-sensory activities can ignite their passion for stories.

To improve your child’s reading proficiency anytime, anywhere, MindChamps offers convenient ‘Say and Sing Phonics’ in-class programmes and specially crafted eBooks filled with captivating stories, catchy songs, and integrated phonic activities. It is like having a fascinating English enrichment class at your fingertips.

For a phonics class on-the-go, download MindChamps’ Read-Along app on Google Play or the App Store now!

2. Language-learning needs are best fulfilled when phonics class is part of an integrated reading programme for kids

Proficiency in phonics is an integral part of the reading process, but for your child to really understand what he or she is reading, taking a phonics class by itself is not enough; instead, an integrated reading programme for kids works best.

To build a strong reader and writer for life, the MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme incorporates eight critical aspects, including Engagement, Active Understanding, Narrative Intelligence & Higher Order Thinking Skills, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary-Building, and Structural Awareness.

When phonics is learned alongside the other key skills in an English enrichment class, not only will your child’s reading comprehension improve, but he or she will know how to ask the right questions, generate innovative answers, improve vocal expression, and decode and spell correctly. By laying a foundation for reading, your child’s ability to write well should naturally follow.

3. When taught in fun and engaging ways that differentiate from rote learning, mastering phonics will kick-start your child’s enjoyment in reading independently

Breaking away from the limitations of rote learning, the MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme develops the three key areas for effective cognitive learning: the Learning Mind, Creative Mind, and Champion Mind.

By mastering phonics through a reading programme for kids, your child’s confidence and appetite for reading will grow.

Children experience a whole new world when they can read by themselves. Suddenly they have numerous stories at their disposal – each story opening up a different, exciting world – and they can access these worlds independently, without having to wait for mummy, daddy or someone else to read to them.

That is a liberating and empowering feeling – the start of a lifelong reading journey.

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