Preparing Your Child For The New Primary School Term (2023) in Singapore

November 14, 2022

Now that the December school holidays are drawing to a close, it is only natural for both parents and children in Singapore to find their thoughts being constantly occupied with the upcoming school term. Children, especially those in lower primary, may find themselves having mixed feelings about the holidays ending. Whether it’s extracurricular activities or homework, most children do not find themselves looking forward to the new school year.

Hence, as parents, you have a crucial role to play in shaping your child’s mindset and perspective towards the start of the new school term in 2023. By preparing your child for their first day of the school term, you can help them achieve better academic performance. Here are some practical tips that you can follow to give your child a good headstart to the upcoming school term:

1. Put the New School Term in a Positive Light

One of the easiest ways to get your child to think about the new school term in a positive way is by asking them the right questions. Children find it easier to adjust to a new routine easier if they know what to expect. Start by explaining to your child that the holidays are now over, and it’s time for them to get back to school and other daily activities. Since children are naturally curious, you should tap on that curiosity to get them excited about school. For instance, if your child will be learning a new subject or auditioning for a new extracurricular activity, you can ask them how they feel about that before giving a “preview” of what they can expect.

Another option is to ask about your child’s friends and whether or not they are looking forward to seeing them again. The key in these conversations is to keep them light and not heavy-handed – you want your child to feel excited about the upcoming school term, not dread or even boredom. Do this often enough a week before the term starts, and you’ll be able to smoothen the transition between their holiday mood and school.

2. Offer Your Shared Excitement

It helps if parents appear excited about school reopening, although you do not have to tell them that you’re eager to have them out of the house! Your stress or anxiety levels as a parent directly impact children, especially since they take their cue from parents for many things in life. By remaining calm and confident, your child will realise that they have nothing to worry about and everything is under control.  Always remember that it’s a two-way street – both you and your child have to be excited about the same things so that you can bounce the same positive energy off each other.

3. Set Goals and Targets for the School Term

Sit down with your child before the start of the school term to talk about their goals. The chances are what you say and how it is said can be the difference between motivating them for the term ahead or placing unnecessary pressure on them. To help you get started, you should always acknowledge your child’s efforts for their studies. This helps encourage them to challenge and stretch themselves for the upcoming term. By getting your child to think about what they want to achieve and the steps they have to take to reap the rewards, they will develop the confidence they need to follow through and find success.

4. Find Creative Ways to Explore New Materials

Another way to harness your child’s natural curiosity to their benefit is to expose them to the knowledge they will need in the upcoming school term. While worksheets, assessment books and practice papers are tried and tested methods, they aren’t the most exciting ways for children to explore new materials. Instead, you can encourage them to dig deeper and broader into a specific subject.

For example, you could watch a documentary with your child, try out a new science experiment at home or take them to an interactive museum for a day out of experiential learning. Alternatively, you can also enrol your child in a holiday workshop. These are usually short courses run over the December holidays with curriculums designed to introduce children to new topics or activities that can prepare them for the upcoming school term.

Let MindChamps Prepare Your Child for the New Primary School Term in 2023

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