Complete Your Child’s Preschool Learning Journey by Taking Them to These Places in Jurong West

October 16, 2018

Learning is never confined to the classroom – any park, museum or your neighbourhood can be a place for children to learn new things.

The west side of Singapore is full of such fun and educational places for children. Here are some educational activities that are specially catered to kids that you can find at these amazing places near your child’s preschool at Jurong West.

Located 10 minutes away from MindChamps PreSchool Jurong West: Jurong Bird Park

While you are in the area, take the opportunity to learn about our feathered friends at this renowned attraction.

The bird discovery centre is structured with kids in mind, complete with a living classroom and a collection of 250 eggs. Kids will get to touch and learn about the differences between the various species.

The Birdz of Play playground, with its wet and dry areas, is also a nice place to cool off after a hot day in the park. There are also food and drinks nearby for parents to relax while kids run around.

Address: 2 Jurong Hill, 628925

Opening hours: 8.30am to 6pm

Ticket Price: $30 for adults, $20 for kids (Purchase your tickets online to save 5%)

Take a break in nature

The Chinese and Japanese gardens have been a part of Western Singapore’s scenery since 1975, but there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Designed by Taiwanese architect Prof Yuen-chen Yu, the Chinese garden is inspired by the imperial architecture of China, especially the Sung dynasty. The “Bai Hong Qiao” bridge is very similar to the famous 17-arch bridge in the Summer Palace. Brave kids can also venture up the pagoda for a bird’s eye view of the parks.

The Japanese garden is located just across the Chinese garden and is a model of Japanese gardens from the Middle Ages. With its stone lanterns and traditional rest houses, it is a fairly faithful reconstruction of an actual Japanese garden. You can make a game of identifying the various birds and plants that reside in the area.

In 2018, there was a scare that the Turtle Museum on the grounds would have to move, but fortunately, the owner managed to extend the lease. The park made it into the Guinness World Records for the largest collection of turtle and tortoise items on display. Children can also feed the delightful creatures and look at the collection of over 500 animals.

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore 619795

Opening hours: Chinese Garden – 5:30am to 11:00pm; Japanese Garden – 5:30am to 7:00pm; Turtle Museum – 10am to 6pm

Ticket Price: Free for the parks; Turtle Museum: $5 for adults, $3 for kids below six and senior citizens above 62

Learning science through interactive play

Most people would be familiar with the Science Centre and the various attractions around it. However, its latest addition KidsSTOP is made especially for kids.

Opened in 2014, KidsSTOP is a centre dedicated to making science fun for kids. There are themed zones for interactive play, such as Flight and Space or Built Environment. Kids also work on their creative minds by creating things – for example, at Flight and Space, kids can experience astronomy while creating their very own constellations.

Children under four must be accompanied by their parents but older kids may be accompanied by their siblings.

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm (last entry at 5:15pm)

KidsSTOP™ operates via two 4-hour sessions (each ticket covers only one session)

Morning session: 9.30am – 1.30pm (last admission at 12.45pm)

Afternoon session: 2pm – 6pm (last admission at 5.15pm)

Ticket Price: $5 for adults, $10 for kids (weekends), $2 for adults and $5 for kids (weekdays)

Learning about our home at the Singapore Discovery Centre

Since its opening in 1996, the centre has educated countless citizens about Singapore’s history and her various milestones. They have a whole variety of interesting exhibits – from the more “educational” ones like the crisis simulation theatre to more “fun” experiences like the battlefield command, which is an immersive simulator.

The activities are aimed at teaching kids about the nation and there are various exhibits focused on leaders and defence strategies of our country.

Address: 510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365

Opening hours: 9am to 6pm (closed on Mondays)

Ticket Price: Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs

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These are just a sampling of the activities that can extend your child’s learning journey after a fun day at preschool in Jurong West. If you have the time, check out the numerous parks and playgrounds in the area too!

Written by Steffi Wee


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