4 Extraordinary Experiences to Expect at this Playgroup in Jurong West

August 13, 2018

The formative years of a child are not only essential for their physical growth, but mental growth as well.

At MindChamps Preschool @ Jurong West, children are guided to greater heights with thoughtfully designed, age-appropriate activities.

Here are some examples of the unique experiences toddlers will undergo at this playgroup.

Kids participate in hands-on activities

Champs at the playgroup age of 18 months to 2 years old have a relatively shorter attention span, so they are moving around constantly and engaging in hands-on activities.

Some of these activities include animation, songs and dramatisation, as well as storytelling. All these activities have some form of movement in them to capture their interests and help retain knowledge. Such activities also encourage better learning engagement between Champs and teachers.

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Champs are encouraged to learn at their own pace

Children develop at different rates and the teachers at this playgroup in Jurong West facilitate individual development by not hurrying the Champs in their learning.

Teachers give the kids individual attention in order to better understand their thoughts and ways of learning. Champs are also given ample space and time to open up to their teachers, and in turn, creating a more personalised approach when teaching the Champs.

Active Learning is promoted at this playgroup in Jurong West

The young Champs are also active learners, so teachers use real-life materials and objects during lessons to ignite their curiosity about the surrounding environment. This helps them understand their lessons better as they are able to make connections between their learning material and life.

Teachers will also draw relationships between their learning and actual objects. Children are encouraged to take charge and communicate their thoughts and opinions confidently, forming a part of their own learning.

Supportive teachers who help build up their confidence

Other than ensuring that each child receives adequate attention, teachers at this playgroup in Jurong West also provide volume to the Champs’ thoughts and help them become more confident, encouraging them to be unafraid to speak out. They also make sure that each kid has the time to talk about themselves and their own learning.

Curriculum also places a great emphasis on positive reinforcement and seeks to build up each kid’s character and help them develop a love of learning. Teachers look for learning moments during day-to-day routines, making use of these incidental learning opportunities. Learning does not need to be conducted in a structured manner, as circumstances and surroundings can give rise to teachable moments.

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Fun Fact about MindChamps PreSchool @ Jurong West

The Wishing Tree installation at the front door of the centre is part of their initiative to inculcate the preschool’s number one value of “heart”. The Champs are taught to show care to others and by putting forth wishes for them, thus teaching them to think about others before themselves. Champs here are thus not only taught to excel academically, but are nurtured to be kind, contributing members of society.

Written by Steffi Wee


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