Is primary school math tuition necessary? We surprise you with our answer.

December 26, 2017

Most parents think that tuition is essential to help their kids do well in school, especially for subjects such as primary school math.

With Singapore’s rigorous curriculum, some students may find it hard to keep up. Most parents are strapped for time and are not able to sit down with their children to go through their homework. Another reason why parents send their kids for numerous enrichment classes or tuition is the fear of losing out.

While sending your kids to tuition can be costly and time-consuming, there are benefits to it as well – especially when it comes to primary school math tuition.

Here are some ways in which your child can benefit from primary school math tuition:

Primary school math tuition could help increase confidence

With 30 to 40 students per class in school, teachers would not be able to help every weak student. Primary school math tuition could help those who are not able to catch up with the syllabus.

For these students, individual or small group tuition sessions could help answer their questions and help them be more confident. They would dislike the subject less, as they understand the syllabus better.

However, students must want to improve and be open to having some of their free time taken up. Tuition can have the adverse effect when kids do not want to attend extra classes.

They would dread going for tuition and their dislike for the subject would deepen.

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Students can pick up good habits

“Practice makes perfect” very much applies to math, and tuition “forces” the child to practice their sums on a regular basis.

This can help less disciplined children who may not be able to manage their time well. Most math tuition for primary school children would have the students do some extra homework and go through more practices in class. Structured classes could teach kids to be more hardworking and conscientious.

Primary school math tuition is not a one-size-fits-all solution

Despite the many benefits that tuition brings to kids, it is important that parents understand their child’s learning style.

Some children prefer to study alone, enjoying the peace and quiet. Others might be more suited to a group setting, bouncing off other peoples’ ideas.

Most people fall into one of the four categories of learning – visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.

Most tuition centres use the reading/writing method, following the way curriculum is taught in school. Thus, some children might not be able to efficiently absorb information if it is not taught in “their” style of learning.

Assessing your child is important to figure out how they grasp concepts.

If normal math tuition does not fit their requirements, sending them to enrichment classes, where learning is done in a visual/auditory way, could help.

Certain enrichment classes focus on nurturing good study habits or confidence, and may be more useful. In addition, there are also numerous resources online that could offer some tips and tricks.

Thus, primary school math tuition is not the only way to combat falling grades.

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