Must-Know Learning Strategies That Are More Effective Than Primary School Tuition

February 20, 2018

Not every child learns the same way as other children do.

However, the need to do well and keep up with lessons in school might cause some parents to worry if their child appears to be struggling with their studies.

If you are a concerned parent who is worried that your child, who is in primary school, is not learning as fast or effective as his/her peers, you might be tempted to sign him/her up for primary school tuition.

Before you invest the time and money into primary school tuition, do give these three learning strategies a try to help your child improve in their studies.

#1 Ask Questions; Do Not Be afraid!

When in doubt, ask.

Children’s expressions are easily read. If you notice the perplexed look on their faces, do encourage them to ask questions! Firstly, get to understand what is it that they do not comprehend, and then slowly move on to probing further to better understand why they think that way.

We say ‘slowly’ because there could be a situation whereby your child does not know what they do not know. When this occurs, do not fret, but be patient and take the lead to ask them questions instead.

Do you understand A?

Do you know why B is acting this way?

Based on the problem sum, can you draw out a diagram or fill in the diagrams for me?

These are some useful techniques which may help you better understand what and which areas that your child needs help with.

Your child may not ask the best or relevant questions, but do not criticise nor discourage them when this happens.

In doing so, this may have adverse effects on them psychologically as they may feel that they are silly to ask such questions. Thus, this may affect their confidence and they may be unwilling to ask questions in the future.

Instead, the relevance of the question may shed some light for parents to better understand the train of thoughts of their children.

Once this is understood, parents can then guide their children back on the right track.

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#2 Use Graphics for Primary Math Tuition!

When it comes to primary math tuition, the wordy and lengthy problem-sum questions can look intimidating initially. Sometimes, we too get confused as to the gist and details of the question.

With the changing times, it is no doubt that syllabi for all subjects are getting more and more difficult with each revision.

However, that is not to say that it is impossible to guide your child when it comes to learning strategies.

For primary math tuition, such problem-sum questions are best understood with the aid of graphics. Drawing out the scenario in the problem-sum question via diagrams and models can help your child visualise the question better.

To draw out the diagrams, it is advisable to read through the problem-sum question, sentence by sentence.

For every sentence that contains essential details, reflect them on your diagrams. Once your diagrams are completed, the question becomes much clearer to understand.

#3 Review the Last Lesson

For primary school subjects such as Mathematics and Science, their topics are usually built on each other.

This simply means that the foundations and fundamentals of the subjects are usually taught in the first few topics.

Building on the knowledge and understanding of these fundamentals, the subsequent topics then delve deeper into the subject matter.

Therefore, one learning strategy that is more effective than primary school tuition is to review the last lesson.

This recapping technique is very useful as it helps your child recall what was taught in the last lesson.

With the overwhelming subjects and information, coupled with the load of homework and other activities, your child may not fully remember what was taught previously.

By reviewing the last lesson, there is a higher chance that your child remembers what was taught in the previous lesson, as it is still fresh in their minds.

This comes in extremely handy when your child is learning a related new topic as they would be in a better position to apply the contents taught in the previous lesson to the current one.

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Due to the tight schedule to complete the syllabi of the subjects, going for primary school tuition may not provide effective learning strategies for your child.

However, parents may adopt the learning strategies mentioned above that are more effective than primary school tuition.

The MindChamps Learning Strength Evaluation assesses your child’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Through this evaluation, you will be able to zoom in on your child’s best mode of learning (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic). Our education coaches will also advise you on how your child can leverage these strengths to learn more efficiently and effectively.


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