4 Amazing Ways Speech and Drama Can Help Your Kids to Build Confidence

August 30, 2018

Some parents view speech and drama programmes as extracurricular activities reserved for those who express an interest in acting and enjoy performing in front of an audience. However, did you know that these classes will also boost your child’s confidence and empower them to express themselves creatively? This will definitely give them a leg up in the future.

Here are some ways speech and drama classes for kids help to build confidence from a tender age.

Connecting with others through speech and drama

Typically conducted in a group setting, speech and drama classes offer many opportunities for kids to interact and work with others.

Through constant exposure, your kids will be able to build up their interpersonal skills and find it easier to talk to people. They will become more open-minded and understanding of the differences in others, as well as to learn how to work in a team.

Most adults still struggle with small talk and connect with the people around them, so this gives kids a good head start. Through their interactions with others, kids will gain more confidence at starting and holding a conversation.

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Speech and drama helps in personal development

By taking on different roles and learning how to express themselves, your kids will also grow individually and start to find themselves.

Kids are a blank slate and drama classes can help them look inwards to their own experiences and feelings.

Taking on a completely different personality while playing a role can also aid young learners in finding out what they want to be, and how to become that kind of person.

For example, kids who are enrolled in the Actors Centre Kids programme offered by MindChamps will embark on a journey which brings them through modules which combine the four elements of ignition, exploration, immersion and creation.

Through the 10-week programme, they will develop the confidence to stand tall, claim their voice and shine.

Thinking out of the box

Speech and drama classes also help kids develop creative thinking skills and become more imaginative.

During the Actors Centre Kids or Champion Mindset Theatre programme, kids are motivated to think creatively and step out of their comfort zone as they are presented with new challenges every lesson.

Thinking out of the box helps kids in future problem-solving situations as they are less stressed when something does not turn out right. They will be able to focus on the situation and be empowered to find solutions.

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“I can do this!”

It is amazing to witness how speech and drama classes benefit kids who lack self-confidence.

At the end of the 10-week journey under the Actors Centre Kids programme, kids would have created many pieces of art – be it stories or paintings – and these accomplishments can give them the boost they need.

The speech and drama treachers are trained to ensure that every child would have an equal opportunity to present and encourage those who are more reserved. Through constant praise and acknowledgement, kids will build their confidence gradually and come out of their shells.

Not only do speech and drama classes imbue kids with confidence, they also provide the much-needed break from the structured academic curriculum. As featured in the video above, young learners are free to let loose and have fun while picking up valuable life skills.

Written by Steffi Wee


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