5 Ways Drama Classes in Schools Can Help Your Kid in Singapore

August 29, 2018

If you think that drama classes only teach kids how to sing and act, think again. Numerous studies have shown that drama can positively influence academic achievement, especially amongst young children.

With far-reaching benefits, drama classes in schools in Singapore can boost children’s emotional, linguistic, social, and physical development.

Read on for five ways that a drama class for kids can give your little one a head start in school and life in Singapore.

Drama improves public speaking skills

If you have ever stood up in front of a crowd, you know how scary it can be. For a child to be able to present effectively and convincingly, with confidence and flair, is no small feat.

A drama class for kids can help them achieve that. Indeed, excelling at public speaking will be a huge plus for young children who aspire to be leaders one day.

Effective public speaking skills can give anyone – both children and adults – a competitive edge. Seeing as all subjects in school require students to give presentations and create group work, the skills learnt in drama class would give your child an academic advantage.

Children develop confidence through drama

Developed by Dean Carey (CEO and Founding Director of Actors Centre Australia) and his team, together with award-winning actor Hugh Jackman as its patron, the Actors Centre Kids’ curriculum builds confidence in kids.

Children who are usually hesitant to speak up will finally have a safe space to claim their voices. Not only do drama classes strengthen self-expression, they also train verbal and nonverbal communication to help kids thrive in social situations.

Kids will have so much fun during the collaborative creative process that they will not even notice all the learning that is going on. Their articulation, tone of speech, expression, and vocal projection will naturally improve as their self-esteem ignites.

Drama classes in schools boost reading comprehension and vocabulary

Theatrical arts can help children gain a better understanding of the work performed. When students read through a play, they are prompted to comprehend the story before they go on to perform it. Such exercises can contribute to their reading comprehension abilities.

In addition, drama class for kids can help them develop listening and observation skills, which will help them immensely on the academic front.

Drama class for kids encourages collaboration

According to psychological research, training in theatre enhances EQ by increasing empathy and the ability to connect meaningfully with others.

The Actors Centre Kids curriculum harnesses collaboration and increases understanding of the self in connection with the world. This is important, as team players are valued both in the classroom setting as well as in the workplace.

At Actors Centre Kids, children thrive in a pressure-free environment that is welcoming and fun – and most importantly, one that encourages teamwork, trust and play.

Drama inculcates creativity and innovation

Succeeding in today’s innovation-driven economy requires more than just traditional skills and knowledge. It requires creativity.

In our digital age, the world is reinventing itself at a faster pace. To keep up and succeed, a high level of creativity is crucial. At Actors Centre Kids powered by MindChamps, your child’s creativity will be harnessed through engaging activities, role-play, guided exercises, and collaboration.

The Actors Centre Kids inspires invention and fresh thinking. Children will learn to use their imagination and give voice to their stories. The organic, holistic approach to expressing themselves at Actors Centre Kids differs greatly from a strict examination curriculum.

Children will benefit from a “hands-on,” experiential approach that applauds their ability to appraise situations and explore new scenarios with confidence and verve. There is nothing like a drama class for kids to foster out-of-the-box thinking.

Written by Jenny Tai


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