9 Sure-Win Strategies That Will Bring You Closer to Achieving Customer Satisfaction

August 21, 2019

How can brands win the love and loyalty of their customers?

What makes one brand better at winning the customer experience process than the rest of them?

Business professionals and entrepreneurs sat in for a workshop recently to get tips on customer satisfaction, branding and more – hosted by #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dr Joseph Michelli.

Dr Michelli is famous for his books, which analyses the strategies and unique qualities of legendary organisations such as Mercedes-Benz (Driven to Delight), Starbucks (Leading the Starbucks Way), and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (The New Gold Standard).

MindChamps has now joined the ranks of internationally-renowned brands as Dr Michelli’s latest case study, in which he has written his newest book titled, The MindChamps Way – How to Turn an Idea into a Global Movement (now available for purchase online and at all major bookstores).

Here, we share some snippets from Dr Michelli’s sessions and an exclusive Q & A segment with David Chiem, MindChamps Founder CEO, which covers how the world’s greatest brands go for the win when it comes to getting their customer experience right.


On how to achieve great wins for customer satisfaction

1. To create a great customer experience, it is important to get the perception of those you serve based on their interactions with you.

2. Customers move along the “Brand Love Curve” throughout their buying journey – understanding where your brand stands helps us pinpoint the strategies to gain more love for the brand.


3. Q: How do we justify exceptional service to people with the “cheap and good” mindset?

A: The key is to “overvalue” your customers – that is, to give more than what the true value is to them.

4. Customer service rule of thumb: “I am not in the business of discounting – I am looking to add value in the customer experience.”

5. Fun fact: The first-ever Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino was created by a lady who violated 50 health codes – all in the name of innovation and listening to what customers want.

6. Lesson from Starbucks: When you respond to customers, it is not only about being timely. What matters is that you respond in a welcoming way.

7. Savour and Elevate the customer experience. If you don’t have passion for your product, why should your customer?

8. Starbucks’ secret to delivering that winning customer experience:

– Anticipate what the customer wants

– Connect with them

– Personalise the experience

– Own it!

9. For a brand that has high-value customer relations, WOW! Is:

– Emotional

– Exceeds expectations

– Anticipation of needs

– Consistently ad hoc

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