9 Secrets That Drive Brands Towards Success – Based on Global Case Studies

August 15, 2019

What differentiates a great brand from a sea of regular ones?

And what makes some brands more memorable from others in the minds of consumers? 

These were some of the areas covered during the Lessons from the Legends workshop conducted by #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Dr Joseph Michelli.

Dr Michelli is famous for his books, which analyses the strategies and unique qualities of legendary organisations such as Mercedes-Benz (Driven to Delight), Starbucks (Leading the Starbucks Way), and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (The New Gold Standard).

MindChamps has now joined the ranks of internationally-renowned brands as Dr Michelli’s latest case study, in which he has written his newest book titled, The MindChamps Way – How to Turn an Idea into a Global Movement.

We are honoured to have Dr Michelli with us here in Singapore recently to launch The MindChamps Way, which is now available at all major bookstores. During his visit, he also conducted a one-day workshop where he shared the secrets to customer satisfaction and brand success, based on the legendary organisations that he has written about.

Here are some highlights from Dr Michelli’s sessions and an exclusive Q & A segment with David Chiem, MindChamps Founder CEO, which focuses on the secrets behind the success of the world’s greatest brands:


Dr Michelli & David Chiem (MindChamps Founder CEO) on brand success

1. What makes a legendary brand?

– They are led by growth-oriented, visionary leaders

– They are united by a transformative vision

– They are committed to human experience excellence

– They seek to be a beloved brand

– They have a long-range view on the future

2. A brand is nothing more than what people say when we are not around. A personal brand is what people say when you walk out of a room.

3. You can see the culture of a brand in action through the testimonials from customers. These are stories of how the brand has touched people’s lives and the changes they have seen.

4. Movement takes lots of nuturance, and great brands take lots of nuturance.

5. Q: Which aspect of branding is the most challenging?

A: Living it. One can have the nicest looking centres, glossy brochures – but to get the teachers to live the values of the brand is a different thing altogether

– David Chiem, on the training that all MindChamps PreSchool teachers have to go through for up to 200 hours

6. David Chiem, on the MindChamps value of “Heart”: Whatever decision we make, is for the best of the child.

7. The principles that led to Starbucks’ success today:

– Make it your own

– Everything matters

– Surprise and delight

– Embrace resistance

– Leave your mark

8. The 5 Ways of Being (according to Starbucks):

– Be welcoming

– Be genuine

– Be considerate

– Be knowledgeable

– Be involved

We all have full capacity to bring ourselves into a full state of being!

9. Every brand that succeeds globally is bound to affect other people. Great brands should be disliked – and loved.

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