Family Bonding: Meaningful Things to Do with Your Kids

August 31, 2017

The strongest possible connection forged between two people is that of parent and child.

A bond that determines several fundamental attributes of the child, such as confidence and self-esteem, this relationship is cemented in early childhood and lingers as vivid memories.

Singapore, fortunately, is full of different things for parents like you to do with your kids. While planning activities to keep your child entertained, consider these highly beneficial activities, that will contribute to their development and growth.


Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle in children, exercise also channels their energy toward positive avenues, which will boost their immunity and encourage physical development (while making sure that they are sleepy by bedtime!)

Through sports, children experience their first lessons in practising sportsmanship and perseverance through adversity. From infancy, young athletes already exhibit their innate empathy, so play safe and let them enjoy the positive feedback that sports reward them.


Work on a school art project together with your kid or prepare a simple meal together. Get the whole family involved in making pizza  or prepare a simple breakfast together; such simple acts can instil confidence and a sense of independence in children.

In this day and age, even filming and editing an amateur film with your child can be easily accomplished. Complete a project with your kid to emphasise the importance of responsibility and to show him or her that you prioritise accomplishing shared goals as a family unit.

Paper mache-making, pottery, and finger painting are just a few of many ideas that you can explore together with your child, which accelerate the development of an infants’ motor skills and visual processing skills.

Care for Animals

Bring your kids to the zoo or on a safari, or better yet, volunteer at an animal shelter. Even at a young age, children can be taught to handle animals, which has been proven to both nurture empathy and compassion as well as prevent or treat physiological and psychological conditions like autism and depression.

Even if you find keeping a pet a hassle, there should be a local animal shelter in the vicinity where parents and children can care for unwanted animals.


You’re never too young to volunteer for a charity.

In fact, many enthusiastic volunteers bring their children along to charity events, nurturing the child in a positive community that endows him or her virtues. Imparting empathy and compassion to a young one through volunteerism and social causes has many benefits, especially concerning the shaping of good character and good principles.

Exposing your child to the other facets of life such as the plight of the less fortunate can groom a very resilient and grateful spirit.


Teach children to assist you in simple household tasks from a young age. They are never too young to clean dishes, do the laundry or clean the bathroom.

This will instil in them how to keep the house tidy and clean, which will go a long way in moulding their sense of social responsibility and instinct to maintain decorum.

Most importantly, treat them with simple rewards afterwards – rewarding good behaviour permanently increases the self-confidence of the blossoming young adult.