11 Things To Do with Your Kids in Singapore This October

August 31, 2017

Spending 24/7 with your Energizer Bunny can really drain your energy and ideas on how to spend your time with junior.

Taking in the world with wide eyes, our children can be immensely impacted by the briefest of encounters, which is why directing their time and energy to educational and meaningful activities is paramount.

For the parents who want to keep their child inquisitive but have nothing left up their sleeves, here are several things that you can do with your kids in Singapore.

Meaningful things to do with your kids in Singapore

Pony Rides

In Singapore, one memorable thing to do with your kids is their first experience on a pony. If you have an impression that horse riding can be dangerous, take heart that ponies are mild creatures and short rides on them can impart lessons of bravery and empathy for animals to kids.

Riding a pony enables children grasp a new sensorial experience while gaining a better understanding of animals.

If your little boy dreams of growing up to be a cowboy or if your little girl happens to desire a princess-themed birthday, be assured that pony rides are 100 per cent safe and incomparably engaging.

Learn about the Stars

As your child soaks in this whole new world, learning about astronomy can be a very entertaining thing to do with your kid.

Educational for individuals of all ages, astronomy often sucks in its students – the heavenly bodies interact in more ways than you might imagine.

Fred Hoyle once quipped:

Space is only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.

Learning about the stars is an enriching thing to do with your kid, and it’s very accessible as well. This is especially so as children’s toy makers now sell inflatable tents and ceiling paper that illustrate the galaxy’s intriguing constellations in vivid detail.

Read with your Kids

Education specialists highly encourage adults to personally hand-hold their child at the beginning of their reading journeys, as well as read alongside them as positive role models. Reading with your kids is something you can do with them to raise an avid reader.

Young bookworms need guidance and always have questions throughout their learning curves.

Children’s books can be lots of fun too and can impart positive lessons and values to their young readers, so spend some quality time with your kid bonding over a book – happy memories of reading will keep your children returning to books and learning throughout their lives.

Play Golf as a Family

An escape for fathers, golf is a very social game that involves non-vigorous activity, yet is kept stimulating by its degree of difficulty. Moreover, golf is one thing to do with your kids to bond with them no matter hold old they are.

Mini-golf courses are usually child-proof and are a great idea for families seeking a day outdoors, where parents can nurture their infant’s rapidly developing motor skills.

Learn to Make Bubbles

It’s nearly impossible to find a kid who doesn’t like bubbles. These temporal floating objects can be enjoyed at events and theme parks, or simply by purchasing bubble apparatus for a few dollars.

It’s quite arguable that making bubbles is one thing that both kids and those who are young-at-heart would enjoy tremendously.

Pick up Pottery

A fine art that requires much dexterity and patience, pottery introduces your child to his or her creative side.

Participants of pottery classes usually get to take home functional souvenirs, which encase happy memories of bonding with one’s parents.

Try your Hand at Tennis

A challenging sport that trains both reflexes and power, yet simultaneously hones subtle control, tennis can be inexpensively enjoyed all around Singapore.

A cardiovascular activity that strengthens the bones and joints, tennis is a stress-relieving and entertaining thing to do with your kid that keeps both parents and offspring fit, plus its equipment isn’t too pricey either.

Train to be a Football Star

If you haven’t gotten in on the action, you are missing out on Singapore’s immense football culture.

Football cages pepper our tiny island, not to mention the many free courts and fields, where you can give your son or daughter the chance to discover his or her inner Ronaldo or Messi.

A vigorous activity that stimulates endurance, speed and a desire to learn, football has family-friendly events, ‘live’ matches, broadcasts and friendly tournaments that take place every week of the year.

By bonding over these activities, families can discover the true meaning of being on the same team.

Cultivate an Interest in Aerobics and Healthy Eating in your Child

It is crucial for parents to instill both a love for as well as basic knowledge of health and wellness in their young children.

Aerobics and calisthenics can be taught safely by and enjoyed together with parents, and can be practised by the child anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, your resources for teaching and learning are at your fingertips – just a click away.

By making healthy meal choices and exercising together with them, good role models can help infants recognise the importance of making good decisions when it comes to their personal health.

These decisions will keep them growing – healthily – throughout their formative years. And what better thing to do with your kids than to have fun and stay healthy at the same time?

Discover the Fun of Rock Climbing

Do you happen to have a restless little monkey at home?

A tough sport, rock climbing is, in fact, safer than most houses. Also much more accessible in Singapore than ever before, rock climbing trains not only limb strength and core strength but also balance and critical thinking.

Participants have to rely on one another, and thus learn persistence and responsibility. Rock climbing is one thing to do with your kids that can allow them to learn independence and effective communication under pressure at the same time.

Have a Ball at Singapore’s Largest Indoor Festival

Join us in Singapore’s largest indoor children’s festival (2017)!

“I Am Proud of You” – A Champion Family Festival by MindChamps will include exciting and enriching activities for the family.

This two-day affair will take place at the Singapore Expo on 7th and 8th October 2017.

childrens festival 2017 singapore

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