Here’s How Life After PreSchool Looks Like for Some of Our Champs

March 26, 2018

Through our chats with the parents of our Champs over the years, one of the things they rave about was how the learning journey their children went through at MindChamps PreSchool has helped them enjoy a smooth transition to primary school.

Apart from a unique, research-based curriculum, emphasis is also placed on character-building as we help our Champs to build up their confidence and discover the Champion potential within them.

Here, we share the real life stories of our Champs who completed their early learning journey at MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson:

Mrs Jamie Toh, Mother of Isaac and Isser Toh

mindchamps thomson

MindChamps Upper Thomson is such a vibrant and happy place. It is an awesome environment for both learning and character development. Isaac and Isser come home singing new songs and excitedly sharing the things they learnt. Their affection for the school is clearly evident from how they proudly say “This is my MindChamps!” every time they pass by the school on weekends.

As a parent, I deeply appreciate the school’s effort to organise activities for the children beyond the curriculum, such as field trips and concerts. I also know that I can count on the teachers to give me feedback and tackle any issues together.

Thank you to everyone in the school!

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Isaac’s life after MindChamps

Isaac’s mummy, Ms Jamie Lim is a strong believer and advocate of our ‘100% Respect, Zero Fear’ philosophy. This, coupled with a strong home-school partnership, has helped Isaac overcome and conquer several social-emotional meltdowns during his preschool years.

A student in Chongfu School, he can now handle tough situations better. With his new-found confidence, he has achieved Top 3 for 2 Consecutive years. On top of that, he also had the opportunity to star in ‘My Teacher is a Thug’, a MediaCorp production.

We are so proud of you Champion Mummy and Isaac!

Mdm Tian Sufeng, Mother of Matthew Feng

mindchamps thomson

We are pleased with the education that Matthew received at MindChamps PreSchool @ Upper Thomson. He did not have to attend enrichment class outside of school, and has learnt a lot from the teachings of MindChamps.

He has also developed good reading habits and the teachers really prepare them well for P1.  Academics aside, Matthew also befitted a lot in terms of character building.

A big THANK YOU to the teachers for their patience and dedication in encouraging Matthew to be self-reflective when dealing with minor conflicts on his own. This has helped him build up his communication and interpersonal skills as well.

Matthew’s life after MindChamps

Matthew is currently a student at St Gabriel’s Primary School.

A very quiet and reserved Champ when he first joined us in N2, Matthew has put his shyness behind him and took a great leap forward by embracing several different roles in his class.  The confidence he gained over the years has led to him bagging the 1st position for 2 consecutive years.

We are proud of Matthew and his achievements!

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Mrs Lu Sook Theng, Mother of Lu Shizhan

mindchamps thomson

We have never looked back from day 1 at MindChamps@Upper Thomson!

The dedication, love and HEART the teachers and management have for the kids and the parents are admirable. I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for all that the teachers have done for the kids.

The kids and I feel like it is our second home! I strongly believe that while the knowledge they had acquired is important, it is the values they take away with them that will take them far in life. This preschool has the right formula and it is a class above others.

mindchamps thomson
Shizhan’s never give up spirit has earned him Good Progress Award in 2017.

Well done Champ – we are proud of you!

Jacky Ma – Life after MindChamps

mindchamps thomson

A student at Endeavor Primary School, Jacky had always displayed great leadership skills and a keen sense of attention to detail in the things he does.

Upon noticing his interest in the arts and music, his teachers at MindChamps highlighted this to his parents. To further develop his talent, Jacky attended piano lessons from the young age of 4. Within a short span of 4 years, Jacky achieved a grade 5 standard in piano.

In terms of academics, his hard work has led to him achieving the 1st position for 2 consecutive years.

Way to go, Champ!

Zenith Koh – Life after MindChamps

mindchamps thomson
[Right] Zenith Koh (2016 graduate) with Isaac Toh (2015 graduate).
Although she is quiet and reserved by nature, Zenith is also known to rise to the occasion when there is a need to. She is often seen to lend a helping hand to someone in need and has made one of the attributes of a MindChampion as a part of her life by having a full of compassion.

Now at Chongfu School, she did well in terms of academics by achieving 1st position in class.

We love you, Zenith – and we’re so proud of you!


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