What No One Tells You About Your Child’s Last Day of Preschool

December 4, 2019

To my little one:

Congratulations, darling!

It was amazing to see you perform so confidently during your graduation concert. You have worked so hard at memorising your lines and dance moves and it really showed.

We could not take our eyes off you.

We are so proud of you for putting in so much effort and we could see how much you enjoyed yourself onstage with your friends. However, we could also see that you were a little bit sad that this would be the last time that you perform together as a class.

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Missing the kindergarten classmates you grew up with

We know you will miss your friends. After all, you have spent the last four years in school with them. You grew up together, laughed together, played together and of course, learnt fascinating new things together. You have learnt how to work out your differences and cooperate with each other.

It is okay to be sad to leave them. Don’t worry, we will keep in touch with your friends and who knows – we will probably still see them at the playground after school.

Saying goodbye to your preschool teachers

It was so heart-warming to see you hug your teachers tightly on your last day of school. We are so thankful for them because they have been more than just teachers. In fact, many days, your teachers spent more waking hours with you than we did.

When we picked this preschool for you, we put our trust in them, and it has been fully repaid. In class, your teachers helped you explore and discover new ideas. They have been our co-parents over the last few years and they have done a truly amazing job. You are such a wonderful little human being – and they have had a huge part in moulding you into the person you are today.

Watching you grow up

As we packed up your stuff on the last day of preschool, it was us who suddenly felt teary-eyed and wistful. Your school has been a second home to you for so long, and everyone there has become a second family. We were surprised to feel so emotional, but perhaps we should have known this was coming.

Part of why we are feeling so sentimental is that this is a big step for us, too. It is so bittersweet to watch you grow up. Although it is so exciting and satisfying to see it happen, we still cannot believe how fast it is happening. No one ever told us how it would be simultaneously wonderful and terrifying to see our little one grow up before our very eyes.

It feels like just yesterday you were holding on to our fingers and wobbling on unsteady feet – but after all, this is parenthood. Teaching you to walk also means that we have to watch as you take those first steps away from us.

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Leaving childcare and starting primary school

Leaving preschool is a big step, but entering primary school is an even bigger one. We know that you are a little bit nervous about heading into primary school, and that is absolutely okay.

There will be a lot of changes for you and you will have to learn how to adjust. You will be meeting new people, making new friends, and getting used to a whole new timetable. Your teachers will.

Things might be tough, but you know what? You are one tough cookie, too, and we are right there beside you all the way. Whatever comes your way, we will figure it out together.


Mummy and Daddy

Written by Danielle Hee


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