Parenting4 Lessons Children Learn from Their Preschool Concert Experience

November 18, 2019

At the end of the year, most preschoolers are caught up in the excitement of the end-of-year concert, just as the parents are.

Amidst the camera bulbs and stage lights, what flashes of inspiration are just as bright for the children who are performing on stage?

What things do they learn that cannot be picked up from books?

Children gain confidence from their preschool concert performances

Many parents turn up at the concert with uncertainty in their mind. Their children are not quite as outgoing as some other children – does that mean that they will not stand out during the performance? However, many parents are surprised to find that their shy, quiet little ones look like old hands-on stage.

Not only have the teachers selected roles that suit your children, but they have also painstakingly rehearsed and coached them over and over again. When surrounded by their supportive teachers and classmates, most kids are not quite as aware of the audience as you may think.

Needless to say, performing on stage can be a great boost for your child’s sense of confidence and self-belief.

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Children stretch their memories and attentiveness

You might be surprised to discover how much children have to remember for their preschool concert. A multitude of things like whom to stand in front of, when to enter the stage, the various dance moves they have rehearsed, and of course any lines that they have been given to say.

Further to that, how well they remember all these things will astound you. Some parents have even noted with amusement that their children can recite the lines of everyone else in the class, and mouths the lines along with their friends!

The preschool concert is an excellent way for our children to exercise their memories and remember all the important details to make the concert a success.

Children exercise their social skills and teamwork

As mentioned earlier, it is not just enough for the children to remember what they need to do at the concert. Just like a watch needs every cog to move smoothly for the watch to work effectively, the children need to be aware of what their friends are doing on stage and how to react to them.

As the children work together and learn to communicate with each other, they figure out how to coordinate movements, actions and even the little things like how to share the microphone and how to encourage each other if another friend is feeling shy or reluctant to perform.

This way, they practice working as a team and bolster each other to do better.

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Children benefit from unconditional support

One principal shared that she reminds parents to clap for every single child who presents at the concert, to let them know that each of them is equally supported and appreciated. The applause and cheers that the children hear from the audience is very uplifting and deeply encouraging to nervous and uncertain little hearts.

One of the most endearing moments of a preschool concert is when children wave at the unseen audience and chirp “Mummy! Daddy!”, trusting that somewhere in the sea of faces are their adoring parents. They are secure in their parents’ love and affection.

Indeed, there is nothing quite like the joy on the children’s faces especially after the concert when they see their parents’ smiles and affirmation of their good efforts.

Written by Danielle Hee


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