MindChamps PreSchool Chinese



Ms Jolene Chua
Mother of Chan Hsuan En

Hsuan En joined MindChamps Chinese PreSchool since May 2016 and I am very glad to know that she is enjoying every single day in school. It has been a very smooth transition and she adapts quickly in less than a week with the help of the teachers and Principal. The Principal and teachers never fail to update us daily on Hsuan En’s progress in school, and believe in working in tandem with parents to bring out the best in a child. They are always there whenever we need any clarifications or reassurance. Hsuan En is also very fond of her teachers and would come home telling us about her day in school. I know that she is in good care when I leave her in school. Thank you MindChamps Chinese PreSchool for providing such a conducive environment for the Champs and for understanding what parents need.


Mr William Quek
Father of Aadem Quek

Aaden joined MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central mid of 2016, and now Aaden is into his sixth month in this preschool, and unlike his previous preschool, he now looks forward to school, speaks better Mandarin and most importantly, happier. We accredit this to the centre’s leaders, Principal Mee Lin and Joyce and teachers such as Priscilla and Fang Fang. The teachers truly care about the children and teach from the heart. Thank you MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central for giving us a peace of mind from your teaching process, persistence and people skills.


Mr Lim Song Kiat
Father of Javier Lim Jun Feng

When Javier was in his previous preschool, there were no improvements in him academically, and was struggling with his languages and numeracy subjects. I came across a MindChamps roadshow in March 2016 and visited the Chinese PreSchool at Tampines Central. I was convinced that a change was what Javier needed since there was no academic improvement in him at his current preschool. Javier started with MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central in May 2016 and within 2 months of the programmes, I began to notice some changes in Javier. He started to use some Mandarin in his communication with me and could recognize his ABCs and 123; he achieved full score in his Chinese spelling; he could also write his name in both English and Chinese.

What a difference a few months made! I am so glad I took the plunge and made the decision to change his preschool. I am so grateful to the teachers, Ms Ferlin and Lihong lao shi, for their dedication and making the efforts to teach Javier. I am also proud to say that Javier now looks forward to go to school and even requested to be in school early! Thank you MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central for making a difference!


Ms Valarie Chee
Mother of Hanna Ong

Within a month of joining MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, we started seeing a vast improvement in Hanna’s social skills and confidence. We will like to thank all the teachers at MindChamps for taking such good care of her and building that special bond with her.


Mr Thomas Chin Yik Ming
Father of Leroy Chin Guan Qun

We would like to congratulate the Centre Director, Principal, Teachers and fellow staff for running such an outstanding preschool. A special mention to the teachers of PG and N1 classes for being great and caring as well. The preschool is always bright, clean and inviting. The staff, led by the Centre Director and Principal, is pleasant, patient and helpful in attending to every child and understanding the different needs of evert parents. The children are always laughing, participative and having fun when they are engaged in activities. A big plus (to us) is the well-spaces and enclosed gym area for the children to do their daily routine exercises. From our observation, the preschool also offers healthy and well-balanced meals and constantly inculcate the values of nutrition to the children. All the staff in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central are true educators. We will always recommend to friends and parents who are looking for a quality and caring preschool in the East. Please continue to keep up the great work!


Ms Tabita Nishika (Cecilia)
Mother of Tobita Mika

Mika joined MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central since July 2016. We relocated from overseas and Mika was studying in an international school prior to coming back to Singapore. The transition was not easy for Mika until we found MindChamps! Intially, we enrolled Mika in a childcare centre near our house in Pasir Ris, at a friend’s recommendation. However, Mika started to fall sick very often and at times, did not want to go to school. In May, we decided to withdraw her from the childcare centre in Pasir Ris and enrolled her into MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central. Mika’s health began to improve tremendously, much to our relief. She also mentioned to us that the teaching in MindChamps is very interesting and told us that the teachers always talk to her nicely even when she made mistakes. She really likes the teachers in MindChamps! It’s such great joy seeing her enjoying going to school again! Thank you, MindChamps!