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MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast was originally located at East Coast Road and also one of the pioneer MindChamps PreSchool centres when we first opened in February 2009. 

Our Amenities and Activities

Our centre’s amenities, facilities and activities are designed in line with MindChamps early learning pedagogy and methodology. Every aspect of the MindChamps experience is tailored to help enrich your child’s early years as well as nurture a lifelong love for learning. Our facilities include:

  • A huge outdoor area where Champs can engage in physical activities and immersive interactions with classmates. The outdoor space is designed with a road safety park concept. In addition, this private space is accessible only via the school and is not shared with the public to guarantee your child’s safety and security.
  • A library zone full of the latest age-appropriate books and reading material that lets Champs read and develop literacy and numeracy skills at their own pace. Children can visit the library zone to pick out a book to read while waiting for their turn during daily routines like showering. (Note: Shower time is separated for the boys and girls even from the Playgroup level.)

What’s more, MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast has a volunteer Parent Support Group whose members are active participants in planning and helping out during special events like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Our team of trained educators believes in adopting a collaborative approach to learning alongside parents, so that your child can reach their true potential as a Champ. Feedback from Parent Support Group members is regularly gathered to help strengthen school and home collaboration to improve your child’s overall learning experience throughout their time with us.

Parents’ Preferred PreSchool in East Coast

MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

Our unique S.M.I.L.E.S.™ Methodology brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your preschool child’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

The MindChamps PreSchool curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment, and routine when they enter primary school.


In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class experiences the theme ‘Here I Come, P1!’ in its final two terms to help prepare our Champs for their primary school journey.

MindChamps is the only preschool where teachers, regardless of previous qualification or experience, undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by qualified and dedicated teachers who are well-versed in the best data-driven and research-backed approaches to childhood education.

Find out why MindChamps is more than just any childcare centre and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ! Read about our pedagogy and our philosophy to understand our approach to early childhood education.


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Centre Director’s Message:


We are often asked what makes a top preschool in Singapore. For us, the best preschool is one that a parent can trust to nurture the potential of their child and celebrate the individual uniqueness.

The first step into the world of education is important to build a strong foundation and choosing a preschool that is the right fit for your child is crucial.

At our centre in East Coast, we have a core team of teachers who have stayed with us since the day we first opened our doors. They have been instrumental in being both a teacher to our children and a partner to parents throughout their learning journey.

Leveraging on the experience of our well-loved teachers and principal, we are eager to work with you to nurture your child through a holistic preschool learning experience to bring out the Champion in him/her.

David Lee

Centre Owner of MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast and MindChamps PreSchool @ Sentosa

Parents' Reviews


We are so lucky to have found MindChamps Preschool @ East Coast. Dedicated teachers who not only take care of my girls and correct bad behaviors, but also genuinely have fun with them in the process. I like that the teachers are transparent and always welcome parents into school. My kids are comfortable with any of the teachers, not just with their own class teachers. Turnover rate of the teachers is also low. Plenty of events and excursions in one year with a sleepover during children‘s day. I’m not endorsing the brand, just endorsing the team behind this particular preschool.

Mr & Mrs Estrada
Parents of Lexi and Luisa

What a wonderful preschool! My first child spent 3 years here after we moved to Singapore and he still misses the preschool and teachers although he is in primary school now.
The teachers are experienced and patient, and they took great care of my child and prepared him for his primary school journey. Thank you for all your efforts in nurturing him – our second baby will be starting the preschool journey here soon!

Mr & Mrs Luo
Parents of Pei Qing

After visiting a handful of preschool while looking for one to send our daughter to, we chose MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast and we’re glad to have made the right choice. And so, when it was time to send our younger son two years later, the choice was obvious.

They have an excellent team of teachers and principal who share feedback on our kids’ learning and well-being to bring out the best in them both at home and in school. Our daughter is graduating this year and she has already mentioned that she will miss all her friends and teachers.

Mr & Mrs Yee
Parents of Caryn and Darryn

Our little one has been with MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast for the past 4.5yrs (PG to K2) and we were glad to have made such an excellent choice. We heard so much about how good the principal and teachers were at East Coast and so we decided to visit the centre when they moved to. Not only did the preschool  leave a good and deep first impression on us, but the holistic and safe environment, backed by the team of dedicated teachers, was what we deeply appreciated throughout the years.
Thank you, MindChamps @ East Coast!

Mr & Mrs choo
Parents of Ethan Choo

We love this preschool! Both our children have been here from PG to K2 and we never had to worry about them because the teachers here are experienced and dedicated.

“The outdoor playground is huge and there is water play from time to time. Both our children were shy and reserved at first, but the teachers helped to build up their confidence. We’re happy to see them move on to Primary School as confident individuals.

Mr & Mrs Lim
Parents of Abrielle and Dayen Lim

Both our kids had 4 good years of care and education at MindChamps PreSchool @ East Coast. The preschool started out in a little homely corner along East Coast Road. They have a great team of teachers who are very attentive towards the needs of the kids. The principal Mrs Koh is very jovial and full of energy too.

One of the things that we look forward to all year round is the fun events organised by the teachers and the parents’ support group. Thank you for the great memories!

Mr & Mrs tay
Parents of Brian and Damian Tay

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