4 Essential Ways MindChamps @ East Coast (KINEX) is the Preferred Choice Amongst Parents in the Area

September 25, 2018

Mention “Road Safety Park” to any Singaporean and you would most likely hear fond memories of it.

For MindChamps East Coast (KINEX) Principal Rachel Koh, it was these memories that bonded her and the local teachers together, which led to the setup of a mini road safety park as part of the centre’s facilities. Besides the park, the centre also boasts a library corner and a strong relationship with parents.

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Unique facilities that are integrated into the curriculum

Besides being extremely fun for kids, the road safety park also serves as a vital classroom for the kids several times a week.

38 people were killed in traffic accidents in this year alone, and police cited “pedestrians jaywalking or crossing roads without paying attention to traffic” as one of the reasons for this staggering number.

Thus, the school is playing its part in increasing road awareness in the kids. Once or twice a week, teachers will bring them around the park and get them to recognize the signs and know where to walk. The older kids get to scoot around in tricycles or “cars” – just like the original Road Safety Park. Moreover, the kids are encouraged to show their parents what they have learnt by taking them for a “ride” around the park.

Inculcating a love for reading with the library corner

Besides the park, MindChamps @ Kinex also boasts another “special” corner in the form of their library zone.

Besides conducting the usual storytelling and structured reading there, the older kids get to develop a sense of responsibility by having their own library system. They can role-play as librarians and readers, borrowing the books to extend their learning. Turning reading into this fun, group activity encourages them to read more in their spare time as well as to discover the joy in reading.

Kids also get to hang out at the library corner while waiting for their turn to shower, which helps to build a habit of reaching for a book instead of gadgets in their spare time. This cosy corner is also an area for the parents to wait to pick up their kids – there are many reading materials available for them as well.

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Close relationship between MindChamps Kinex and parents

MindChamps Kinex works hard to build a relationship with parents, and this starts from the day the kids start school.

Parents are welcomed to spend the first three to four days with their kids when they are starting out. This applies to every new student, not just the younger kids.

The school also organises “Friendly Fridays”, where parents can come in to visit and teachers hold family bonding activities. This is also when the Champs can bring parents around the centre and show them what they have learnt.

For parents who have the time, they can also volunteer for the Parent Support Group and lend a helping hand on excursions. The preschool also organises events that include the whole family – recently, they held a storytelling session which included grandparents.

Easy access to the centre

Previously located at East Coast, the centre recently moved to this more convenient location. Not only is the centre now located within walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT Station, parents who drive will also have no problem finding parking at the mall.

Written by Steffi Wee


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