MindChamps PreSchool @ Buangkok

15 Serangoon North Ave 5, #02-00, Singapore 554360

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MindChamps PreSchool @ Buangkok is located on the second level of the Popular HQ building.

The centre boasts of a spacious gym room for the NeuroMooves lessons and a beautifully decorated indoor playground for Champs to play and explore.

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Buangkok, the health and safety of Champs remain the top priority. This is achieved through routine care and hygiene practices such as equipping the classrooms with antibacterial dispenser, monthly aircon cleaning and pest control, bi-weekly misting of the centre, and sanitising of toys and cots on a daily basis.

Centre Director’s message to parents

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Buangkok, every Champ is a unique individual. We believe in bringing out the best in them through our holistic curriculum and strong home-school partnership. Our team communicates with our parents regularly and furnish parents with photos on a weekly basis so that parents are “with” their little champions even when they are at work.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance with a series of strict hygiene practices carried out regularly. Our highly qualified team is warm, friendly and open to receiving feedback from our Champs and parents. It’s through all these feedback and constant improvement that we can build a good school for your champions.

For parents who are already with us, we thank you for your confidence in us and for entrusting your little champion to our team. Rest assured, they will always be in good hands.

Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!

Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!

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