5 Important Lessons Our Preschoolers Learnt About COVID-19

March 31, 2020

First detected in December 2019 in China, COVID-19 has now become a global issue, with the World Health Organisation determining it to be of a “very high risk at a global level”. With cases reported in almost every country in the world, the virus that causes lung lesions and pneumonia has battered world economies, crushed travel plans and cancelled concerts and performances. Our preschoolers also had to adjust to the COVID-19 situation accordingly and here is how we’ve done it…

At MindChamps PreSchool, no expense is spared to keep our children safe. All staff and students have temperature checks thrice a day, with staff handling check-ins wearing masks. Cleaning and sanitising frequently touched surfaces, toys and commonly shared items is done daily to kill germs. Parents are no longer enter the centre, even for birthday celebrations. In addition, parents and staff must make travel declarations if they are intending to travel and they will be monitored on their return.

Beyond putting these measures in place, our preschoolers also got to learn more about COVID-19 and how to keep themselves safe and healthy through daily lessons.

Here’s are some highlights of what was covered on COVID-19 during lesson time at a few of our centres.

What Our Children at MindChamps PreSchool Learnt About COVID-19

1. Germs are repelled by soap

K1 children at MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village learnt through a science experiment how germs (represented by glitter) are repelled by soap. The visual impact of seeing the glitter move away drives in the importance of handwashing.

covid 19 singapore
K1 children learning how germs (glitter) are repelled by soap.

On another note, our children from MindChamps PreSchool @ West Coast Plaza also conducted an experiment to learn about the characteristics of germs and how viruses spread. They dramatised by sneezing and/or coughing and observing how the germs are dispersing in the air and on the table surfaces with coloured paper.

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2. Frontline healthcare workers deserve appreciation

Frontline healthcare workers in the battle against COVID-19 have their leaves and travel plans suspended indefinitely, adding more pressure to an already stressful occupation.

To show support and appreciation for these angels in white, our children at MindChamps PreSchool @ West Coast Plaza changed the lyrics to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” during their Music for the Mind™ enrichment class.

“Nurses and Doctors are the best in the world,

thank you for helping us!

You have looked after many patients,

they are feeling well now!

N-U-R-S-E, D-O-C-T-O-R!

Here a nurse, there a doctor,

you are all very brave!

You have done a lot for us,

we love you very much!”

covid 19 singapore
K2 children revised the lyrics to show appreciation to healthcare workers

Over at MindChamps PreSchool @ Nordcom II, children drew and painted their own greeting cards and letters to express their gratitude towards doctors and nurses.

covid 19 singapore
Children painting their own appreciation cards.

Meanwhile, at MindChamps PreSchool @ Boon Keng, the teachers and children included lessons on COVID-19 into their iSHINE activity, where classes from all levels got to showcase what they have learnt during the term through dance performances and short skits.

The K1 preschoolers dedicated their play to the various community helpers and the hard work they have been putting in as Singapore battles against the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from doctors and nurses, the children also shed the spotlight on our police force, NS men and firefighters, as well as cooks, pilots and air stewardess. Indeed, everyone has a very important role to play during this crucial time!

covid 19 singapore
The lesson theme of community helpers was incorporated with the topic of Covid-19.

3. It is important to wear a mask when feeling unwell

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village, children discussed the purpose of wearing masks, when to wear masks and also learnt the proper way to put on a mask. They learnt that this is to prevent germs transmission to others.

covid 19 singapore
Our N1 preschooler demonstrates the proper way of wearing a mask to her classmates and shares why a mask must be worn when one is sick.

4. There are 8 steps to handwashing

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village, children learnt the “Germs Song”. Music helps children learn better as the tune aids in better information retention and recall. Most importantly, the children enjoy the learning process with fun and interactive lessons.

covid 19 singapore
N1 children learning the “Germs Song” and the 8 steps of hand-washing.

Through the Germs Song, they learnt that COVID-19 is a virus and proper handwashing can safely remove germs off their hands. Thereafter, they moved on to learn about the 8 proper steps of handwashing.

Here’s a sneak preview of the N1 class engaging with the song:

5. COVID-19 originated from bats

K2 children from MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village had a group discussion about what they understood about COVID-19. Through the sharing, they learnt that the virus originated from bats. Bats carried the virus which was transmitted to those who consumed them as food. After the first infection, it was easily spread to the rest of the world.

“It started from bats and spread to other animals like snake and then people eat the bats and snake and then they have the virus and they fall sick.”

– Raion (K2, MindChamps PreSchoool @ Holland Village)

covid 19 singapore
K2 children having a discussion about their understanding of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 is a global epidemic that affects everyone. Teaching our preschoolers about the disease in a multitude of ways such as through art and craft, songs, science experiments and class discussions allows them to understand and retain the key points about the disease.

More importantly, they learn how to keep themselves safe from contracting the disease by maintaining proper hygiene.

Written by Jamie Koh


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