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The PreSchool is nestled in the central region of Singapore, in well-loved Holland Village, an enclave that has served both the expat and local communities for decades.

  • The PreSchool encompasses an interesting roof-top outdoor playground where students will explore and learn within safe boundaries.
  • The grass lawn lends perfect greenery to the PreSchool for outdoor activities.
  • On the whole, the PreSchool lends a spacious, natural and radiant feel, setting a foundation for a fascinating yet educational learning journey.
  • In line with MindChamps’ Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, students are nurtured for academic and social excellence.
  • Hence, in addition to the ultimate objective of being a “Life-long Learner”, for example, students also strive towards being individuals with “Integrity”, “Compassion” and more.

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Parents’ Preferred PreSchool

MindChamps PreSchool offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

Our unique ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ methodology brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your preschool child’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment and routine when they enter primary school.


In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class experiences the theme ‘Here I Come, P1!’ in its final two terms.

We are the only preschool where teachers, regardless of previous qualification or experience, undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by superbly qualified and dedicated teachers.

Find out why MindChamps is more than just any childcare centre and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ!


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Welcome to MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland V.

At Holland V, we believe that every child’s early years are crucial and in providing them with a strong foundation for their education.

As parent, you are making a valuable decision in entrusting your child to us by enrolling them in our MindChampsPreSchool programme with a team of loving and dedicated teachers.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s early years of growth and development.

Parents' Reviews

MindChamps Holland Village Omar Ali & Yadanar Win Ko, parents of Isaac Thomas Ali

Isaac loves going to school which doesn’t surprise us as he gets to explore various arts, crafts and fun activities. He sings songs he’s learned in both English and Mandarin, complete with all the dance moves.

He’s been able to recognise and recite all letters and numbers before he turned 2 years old. When we pick him up from school, there will be days when his cheeks are red, sweaty and happy because of outdoor playtime and other times, we get to see him playing in the indoor gym with his friends. We are very pleased with the balance of academic and play-based activities that MindChamps provides.

MindChamps @ Holland Village frequently updates us on term goals, learning values, schedules, food menus and weekly literacy via the app and email. This transparency makes us feel at ease with Isaac’s school life. On top of that, we are updated with pictures and reports on how Isaac and his classmates are doing. We love the diversity of the class and the programmes designed to educate them about different cultures at such a young age.

The team is made up of wonderful, caring, genuine and kind people, so we are always comfortable to let Isaac learn and grow in their hands. We have seen Isaac become more confident and independent in his daily tasks and exploration of new places.

MindChamps has unlocked his curious mind and positively shaped his personality. Isaac is not treated as just one of the students but as an individual. As parents, we are very proud to see him encouraging himself saying, “Let’s do it one more time!“ when he stumbles, or asking others, “Are you okay?“ when they fall. We appreciate MindChamps’ ambience where Isaac is encouraged to learn, explore, and express without pressure.

We have met a lot of families whose kids went to MindChamps and they have nothing but great experiences to share. We’re so happy we chose MindChamps for Isaac and heartily recommend it to other parents.

Omar Ali & Yadanar Win Ko
Parents of Isaac Thomas Ali
MindChamps Holland Village Testimonial Sean Poh

We have seen Sean grown from a little toddler, screaming and crying his heart out due to separation anxiety, to a confident child, expressing his desire to be in school early so that he will not miss out on breakfast, talking to his friends, and the various lessons and activities.

As we have a predominantly English-speaking environment at home, I am particularly impressed with his ability to grasp the Chinese Language. Sean was able to show impressive improvements, particularly from N2 to K1, under the attentive tutelage of Zhang Li Laoshi. He would proudly narrate to me how to write new Chinese characters, stroke by stroke.

Not to forget Mr Clinton, the storyteller, who brings the characters in his stories to life with phonics and high frequency words all wrapped up to make grasping the English Language so much fun! Sean would come home and tell me that he needs to learn to be an independent boy and share how Ms Cindy has patiently taught him how to take care of himself.

A special shout out to Ms Alina, the principal, who is constantly coming up with ideas and activities to complement the already rich curriculum. Before the COVID-19 safety measures were implemented, she introduced FUN FRIDAYS, featuring water play activities in the playground.

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. As parents, we are glad to have chosen MindChamps in this part of the journey and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and staff who have enriched his pre-school years and helped to build a strong foundation, sparked his desire and interest for learning in the years going forward.

Mr & Mrs Poh
Parents of Sean Poh

Since Chloe started attending MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village, we have seen several positive behavioural developments in her.

One obvious change is her eating habits, as she is now willing to eat independently and would finish the portion given. We are also pleased to see her sleeping habits change for the better.

Overall, we are thankful and happy for Chloe’s progress. As parents, acquiring good habits and simply being happy and healthy is the top priority for our three-year-old. The centre’s environment and disposition of the teachers are critical factors that make this happen and with this, our trust in MindChamps has been validated.

Kudos to all and thank you for everything you have done for the children!

james liM and rosa ye
Parents of Chloe Lim

Starting K1 is a big milestone to us, as it marks the start of primary school preparation. We were relieved to see how Julian adjusted seamlessly into the new routine.

It is wonderful to see him taking the initiative to revise the lessons, and together with his sister who is currently in N1, they would roleplay as teachers and recreate the lessons at home. Now, that’s a sure sign that they both truly enjoy learning at MindChamps!

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, we see MindChamps as an important part of this village. We hope that Julian will continue to find joy in going to school, as he makes new friends and gains confidence in navigating the world.

lena liew and gary ong
Parents of Julian and Sophie Wang

When Evelyn first started, we were a little apprehensive as we weren’t sure if she could adapt to a bilingual environment, since neither of us speak Chinese. At home, Evelyn seems to realise that we don’t speak Chinese and so she converses in English – but we are delighted to hear from teachers that she understands and responds to simple Chinese at school. In fact, our 2-year-old speaks (far) better Chinese than us!

It gives us great comfort and assurance knowing that Evelyn is in great hands whilst we are at work. Not only is she well looked after, but she also enjoys herself as she learns in a preschool with a well-structured learning environment and a curriculum based on comprehensive research.

We highly recommend MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village to anyone looking for a preschool that cares for their children.

Mirae and steven seymour
Parents of Evelyn Eun-Hye Seymour

We would like to thank MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland V for their excellent care and education provided to our son. We also appreciate the high level interactions between parents and teachers driven by the school management. During the one year here, we have seen significant developments on his physical and academic abilities, especially in English and Chinese. Our son loves the playground and indoor gym. I would recommend MindChamps PreSchool to anyone looking for quality, well-resourced programmes.

Cao Yang and Li Chao
Parents of Li Lixu

From her first week, our daughter loves attending MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland V. We have seen her grow into an independent toddler, make friends and learn to express herself confidently. We are delighted to see how much she enjoys Chinese, particularly given nobody speaks the language at home. The teachers and administrators are attentive to both class and individual needs. They take time to provide feedback on our daughter’s progress, and useful tips to enhance her learning and development at home. Thank you MindChamps!

Sohini and Benjamin Brandon- King
Parents of Sabrina Anastasia Brandon-King

We made the right choice in putting Jaylynn in MindChamps PreSchool. The curriculum is so well-planned, enriching and holistic in developing a child. With a conducive learning environment and a team of passionate teachers, Jaylynn has grown leaps and bounds in terms of her social, thinking and problem-solving skills. She is happy and always looks forward to going to school every day. Her happiness is what matters most to us. Thumbs up!

Julian Sin and Christabella Leon
Parents of Jaylynn

I love my MindChamps school!” This is what Dylan always tell us when we ask him about his day at school. Since he has joined MindChamps @ HV, Dylan has grown tremendously, both socially and intellectually. Even at home, he remains keen to learn and will at times assume the role of a teacher to “teach” us things that he has learned in school. It has been for us a great joy witnessing the little milestones he has achieved as a little young man. We believe his growth stems from the positive learning experience provided by his caring and professional teachers, and we are grateful to have sent both Dylan and Ember to MindChamps.

Daniel Ng and Elaine Huang
Parents of Dylan & Ember

When we first stepped into [email protected] Village, we knew this was the right environment to nurture our child through his early years in education. The clean, spacious and bright classrooms with its thoughtful layouts ensure that the little ones have ample and comfortable space for optimal learning and socialisation. Play is crucial in early childhood and their huge school playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with one another. We remember our son having a difficult time transiting from home to school initially. Under the nurturing and respectful care demonstrated by all the teachers and staff, he has blossomed into a confident and articulate young boy, who also knows how to extend love and kindness to those around him. We are indeed proud and grateful to have witnessed remarkable progress in his academic, physical and socio-emotional development. Thank you, Mindchamps!

Feng Wenfu and Irene Tham
Parents of Titus

The most important part of an enriching learning environment is the people. At MindChamp Holland V, there is a team of proactive and dedicated teachers that always goes above and beyond to provide the best learning experience for the kids. Kamilla wakes up every morning looking forward to playing with her friends and learning with her teachers. Chinese is Kamilla’s first language while English is her third language. The progress she has made in both languages since she started at MindChamps is simply amazing. As working parents, we are so grateful to have MindChamps in our neighbourhood to provide a loving and empowering environment that inspires a love of learning.

Lasse Karner and Li Ning Melissa
Parents of Li Letian Kamilla

Apart from having teachers who are well-trained to bring out the best in the children, the curriculum is well-structured and comprehensive – so our weekends are spent exploring playgrounds instead of attending more classes. One of the key things we love about MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village is the amount of space in the centre, with individual classrooms and a huge playground for the children to learn, play and stretch. What’s more, the children are served healthy and nutritious food such as “school-made” smoothies – which they absolutely love!

Ye Ting Feng & Lim Pei Shi
Parents of Raion & Raine Ye

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