Learning From the Great Outdoors for Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street

February 7, 2018

Preschool children today often have limited opportunity to connect with nature. Modern families living in big cities would rather spend time at home watching television or playing video games on computers instead of being physically active outdoors.

At MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Cecil Street, we are aware of the importance of outdoor play for our preschool Champs.

Thus, in order to give them the chance to connect with nature and to impart the value of respect for the environment, outdoor excursions are organised for our preschoolers, from the playgroup to kindergarten levels, at least once a month.

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Excursion to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

To kick start the outdoor learning journey in 2018, our preschool Champs set off to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden – the first garden in Asia dedicated to children.

Located at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, the garden is a complete nature learning environment which offers children a place to explore and play.

Some highlights of the garden include a farm, an orchard and a forest with a stream and pond.

It’s amazing how a simple excursion like this can benefit our preschool Champs. Through the experience, they are better able to get along with others, learn to behave themselves in public and also gain confidence and independence.

As for the preschool teachers, an outing such as this presents a good opportunity to expose the Chinese language to the Champs without being confined in a classroom.

While enjoying nature and taking in the fresh air, the mandarin teachers introduced new words to them which are related to the rich natural environment they were in.

The little Champs explored the suspension bridge and nature play areas.

Some walked along the stream and climbed into the tree-houses. As for the naturally curious preschool Champs, they observed how plants grow and picked up some gardening tips along the way.

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Benefits of outdoor play

The benefits of connecting with nature have been documented in scientific journals and publications. Research has shown that children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature.

Time spent outdoors has also shown a reduced rate of nearsightedness in preschoolers.

It was a fruitful and enriching day indeed, as our little Champs spent time in the great outdoors. For sure, their families will appreciate it too as the fresh air does wonders in helping them stay healthy and happy.

Life may not be a walk in the park all the time, but we can still sit back and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine along the way.

Until we meet again in the next update of our outdoor excursion!

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