MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit Got Together with One Heart for a Good Cause!

December 8, 2017

As parents and educators, we do all that we can to bring up our children to be compassionate and generous towards others.

But what’s the best way to impart these values to them while in childcare?

MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit (Jurong East), believes that one of the ways to inculcate good life values in our Champs during childcare is by getting them and their parents to join in the annual fundraising event.

By participating and being part of a charity drive, Champs get to watch their parents and childcare teachers volunteer their time and effort for a greater cause.

This instantly transforms into a great platform and a teachable moment for instilling important characteristics such as compassion and generosity in our young Champs.

Coming Together as One Heart at This ChildCare in Jurong East

Organised by MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit (Jurong East), the One Heart 2017 charity drive brought together the families of our Champs, as well as our childcare personnel and the many wonderful people working at this Jurong East childcare, in one place to support a worthy cause.

Our parent volunteers and their Champs worked hard to man the wide variety of food and game stalls, and went all out to market their wares – all in the spirit of raising funds for a local children’s charity.

childcare jurong eastA Champ helping her daddy to sell homemade chocolate chip cookieschildcare in jurong east

Little Champs with Big Hearts

The Champs took ownership and helped their parents at the stalls.

How could we say no to them?

The homemade cookies that were tastefully baked with love by one of our Champion parents were snapped up in no time!

Our Champion parents selflessly prepared homemade cookie lollipops for this event

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Fun Games and Neat Crafts

To keep our Champs and visitors occupied, there were many interactive games and crafts prepared by the childcare teachers and parent volunteers.

Our Champs learnt new skills and were proud of their own creations.

A Champ admiring his creation

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Quality Time with Mummy and Daddy

One of the best things about gathering at events like this is the opportunity to share memorable moments together.

Indeed, the delicious treats and fun games would not be half as fun without the presence and participation of our loving parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers.

Mummies and Champs making personalised keychains together
jurong east childcare
The sensory play jelly babies were a big hit! Champs did a great job in scooping the jelly bubbles into small glass jars.
A charity drive would not be complete without cotton candy!

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Only Possible with All of Us Together

The “One Heart 2017” signature charity event was yet again another successful one.

Brought to you specially by the team at MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit (Jurong East), this annual event at Jurong East is aimed at strengthening bonds, building relationships and fostering team spirit in one and all, young and old.

Of course, this event would not have been possible without the support and participation of our parent community who took time off to volunteer in so many ways.

A big Thank You to all our sponsors, the childcare team at JTC Summit and everyone who has helped make this event a success.

Thank you for supporting our cause towards the less privileged.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2018!

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