MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit

An award-winning centre comprising a team of highly dedicated Directors, Principal and Teachers, MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit was conferred the “Top Performing Centre” Award and the “Certificate of Excellence to Directors in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Franchise Business”. This PreSchool is the only centre to be accorded two distinguished awards in the same year.

  • A mature centre moving into the fifth year of operation, JTC is a pioneering MindChampionPreSchool.
  • Committed teachers work towards nurturing each child into a ‘Champion of the Future’.
  • Safety and trust are utmost priority as we believe learning can only take place when safety of the Champs is upheld.
  • In addition, trust between centre and parents is established.
  • JTC is committed to provide a safe and happy environment for active learning and playing.
  • At JTC, we not only impart knowledge but also cultivate values, good habits and compassion in our young Champs.
  • Such as through activities like our annual fundraising event, where Champs create handicraft and artpieces to raise funds for selected beneficiaries.
  • At JTC, a strong school-home partnership optimises the learning journey.
  • At JTC, our team will ensure your child can become better than what they can be, with a Champion Mindset, benefiting not only your child but also yourself, as a parent.
  • At JTC, we welcome feedback and suggestions as we believe “feedback is the seed of growth”.
  • Nestled in the heart of Jurong East and surrounded by malls and amenities, MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit is a 2-minute walk from the Jurong East MRT station and is easily accessible from West Coast, Bukit Batok, Clementi, Boon Lay, Bukit Panjang, Yew Tee, Choa Chu Kang and along the East-West and North-South MRT lines.
  • Housed in a secure building with 24-hour surveillance and security officers, our pre-school environment offers parents peace of mind.

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8 Jurong Town Hall Road, The JTC Summit, #05-01, Singapore 609434 (Jurong East MRT)

+65 6896 8896

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I’m writing in to thank the school and teachers for their dedication and passion towards the children.I would specially like to commend and thank Miss Dana and Miss Yingying who taught my son, Jylan in PG and N1.

From our interactions with Miss Dana, we can see that she is a dedicated teacher with a passion for the kids. She has effectively cultivated positive values and behaviour in our son, as he always mentions at home: “Miss Dana says cannot do this”. We as parents who advocate character building over academic development can see that Jylan has become more polite and well behaved under her care.

Under Miss Yingying’s patient tutelage, Jylan is now more open to conversing in Mandarin. Now, he frequently responds to us in Mandarin and it comes as a very pleasant surprise, considering how he was previously averse to doing so.

Jylan is an active and energetic boy for his age and we understand how it must be difficult for the teachers to handle him. However, through the teachers’ dedication and patience, we see the positive change in Jylan and how he loves his teachers reflects that.

My wife and I can see for ourselves how Jylan has grown and developed positively under Miss Dana and Miss Yinging’s care, and I believe this is the best report card for the teachers.”

- Shaun Tan & Michelle Goh Parents of Jylan Tan Jing Nguan

Valerie joined MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit on 1st June 2011. She had a hard time in the first few weeks. She was always crying and could not sleep much during naptime due to being in a new environment. After a few months of monitoring her behaviour, I found that she actually became a more cheerful girl who was able to interact with teachers and other children in school, sharing things with them. She is not too afraid of strangers too. From a child who does not understand much English, she is now able to interact with me when I communicate with her in English. That really amazes me.

When she first started school, her health was not too good and she had been falling sick almost every month. Now, she is adapting better and does not fall sick so easily.

I really appreciate the time and effort that the school teachers and the Principal of MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit has devoted towards helping my daughter adapt to school within these few months and I hope that Valerie will be able to improve and grow up to be a better person. I also hope that she will enjoy and hopefully remember the quality time that she had with all the children and staff atMindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit. Thank you.

Mum of Valerie

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for MindChampsPreSchool @ JTC Summit. I have three boys attending the school and to say that they have enjoyed their time there is an understatement. We are pleased with our sons’ learning and social skills development. We are also happy with their progress and with the feedback received from their teachers. It feels good to hear about how well your child is doing! The teachers are very friendly and the feedback given is very helpful. On the whole, it is a great school and I am a happy parent!

Ying Ying Mum of Lucius, Luis & Lukas Koh

It is such a joy to see Natalie and Nicholas enjoying their learning at MindChampsPreSchool. Their love for their teachers, classmates and learning programmes always make them look forward to going to school every day to pro-actively do their homework with energy and independence. This reflects very well on their quality of work and even more, their character, which is fantastic for MindChamps.

Thomas Dad of Natalie & Nicholas

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