How Lessons Go Alfresco at MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place

December 7, 2017

Studies have long confirmed the importance of high-quality early childhood education.

However, did you know that research also reveals that for the development, health and well-being of young children?

Allowing children to play and learn outdoors enable them to develop cognitively and physically.

At MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place, outdoor learning and play is incorporated into our champs’ daily curriculum to ensure all rounded learning.

What sets MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place apart from other childcare centres are our three unique outdoor thematic play areas, namely The Jungle Gym, Eco-Garden and the Gourmet Kitchen.

Not only do these outdoor play areas promote structured play and learning, they are also carefully designed to fulfil the learning needs of our champs by infusing the play element during lesson time.

Here’s how lessons go alfresco at MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place:

Playing in an obstacle playground at our childcare centre in Raffles Place

childcare centre in raffles place
The outdoor Jungle Gym at MindChamps PreSchool, One Raffles Place

Young children who play outdoors are adventurous and more likely to take risks. They are self-confident and are generally fitter. This in turns teaches them to self-regulate and become disciplined individuals.

At our Raffles Place preschool, champs improve their hands-legs-brain coordination when they play at The Jungle Gym, which is an obstacle based playground.

They also learn to overcome fear and enhance their spatial and balance senses while playing.

The playground which was specially imported from Holland, is not only designed to harness fun but also ensures the development of our preschoolers’ gross motor skill sets.

childcare centre in raffles place
Champs get to play and work on their motor skills at the Jungle Gym at the One Raffles Place preschool.
childcare centre in raffles place
Fun slides for playtime!

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Gardening in our very own eco-garden at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Place

childcare centre in raffles place
Plants at the Eco Garden

Research has also shown that children who engage in forms of nature-based experiential education show significant progression in language arts, social studies, science and math.

Unlike other childcare centres in Raffles Place, champs at our preschool understand and appreciate ecosystems and food systems when they work in the eco-garden.

At the eco-garden, Champs get to grow their own ingredients in the garden. They learn about the different plants, how they grow and the habitat that the plants live in.

Later, they harvest the vegetables that they have grown to cook in the outdoor Gourmet Kitchen.

childcare centre in raffles place
A side view the Eco Garden.

Cooking up a storm at our childcare centre in Raffles Place

childcare centre in raffles place
The outdoor Gourmet Kitchen at MindChamps PreSchool One Raffles Place

The Gourmet Kitchen at our Raffles Place preschool consists of a child-friendly cooking area in a sheltered area outdoors.

This cooking area is dedicated to Gourmet Moments, which is an enrichment programme conducted weekly to impart knowledge and interest in good nutrition and food preparation habits in preschoolers.

In addition to this, the sheltered outdoor Gourmet Kitchen also focuses on developing fine motor skill and instilling strong sequential and logical thinking skills in children.

During Gourmet Moments, each Champ may have his or her own plate, and he or she is responsible for independently carrying out the sequence of preparing and assembling the ingredients.

childcare centre in raffles place
Kitchen utensils for the young Champs.
childcare centre in raffles place
A sprinkle of love goes a long way


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