How Creative Writing Classes Can Help to Boost Your Child’s Writing Skills for Primary School

December 19, 2018

Writing is one of the most important skills a child needs not only in school, but in life as well.

Some parents in Singapore may think that writing is only applicable to get through the exams, especially in primary school, but many adults still struggle with writing even in the corporate world. In reality, research shows that writing plays a critical role in helping individuals succeed in school and beyond.

Give your child a headstart with good creative writing classes for primary school, so that they will never lack for words to express what they mean.

Creative writing classes for primary school stretch the imagination

A child’s imagination is a wondrous thing. If you have ever sat and listened to your children make up stories and invent imaginary characters with fascinating lives, you will know how vast and deep their ingenuity can run.

Stretch their talents even further by enrolling them in creative writing classes for primary school, where the sky is the limit and anything can happen. In these classes, teachers use unique and attention-grabbing ideas to stimulate the students’ imagination.

To take a longer view, this is important to encourage children to think out of the box and come up with ideas and solutions that are new, interesting and definitely not run-of-the-mill.

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Creative writing classes help children express themselves

It can sometimes be difficult for children to fully get across what they envision inside their heads. This can be quite frustrating and limiting for them. Therefore, with creative writing classes for kids, children can be empowered to learn the best way to communicate and share their ideas with others.

Through these lessons, they figure out how to develop their own style of communication and explore their own interests, which in turn, helps them to develop their full potential. Having the freedom to speak their minds and share what they want to say is the key to developing strong self-confidence as well.

Creative writing classes develop vocabulary

To take a very practical view, creative writing classes also help to expand children’s vocabularies. Very often, students learn a mechanical style of writing which is reproduced throughout the education system. As a result, common stock phrases are often repeated in writing, when the child’s vocabulary is limited.

With creative writing classes for primary school, children are exposed to a much wider range of vocabulary which helps them not only to gain a better accuracy in explaining their ideas, but also transforms their writing into beautiful, lyrical stories filled with dynamic and vivid descriptions.

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Creative writing classes instil a love for writing

As mentioned earlier, many children learn a rote, mechanical way of writing and as a result, find little or no joy in it. When children do not see any value in something, you can be sure that they will quickly lose interest, making writing an uphill task.

Foster a love for writing with creative writing classes such as the MindChamps Writing programme, which is developed around the core idea that writing is fun and exciting, rather than a chore that they are forced to complete. When children find that writing becomes enjoyable and appealing, they will quickly take initiative to engage with it and make it their own.

In short, creative writing classes for kids can really set your child on the pathway to success not only in writing but in self-exploration!

Written by JoBeth Williams


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