How to Make Creative Writing for Primary 3 Easy for Children

October 26, 2017

For most children, creative thinking comes naturally.

After all, they went through the phase of having imaginary friends or had imagined themselves to be princes or princesses while growing up.

Creative writing for primary 3 students involves putting these thoughts to paper. Parents can help their kids further develop this skill not through more primary school tuition or English enrichment classes, but by working with what tools and materials that are readily available.

1. Tone down on the school tuition in primary school

With the endless amount of tuition lessons like English enrichment classes, swimming practices and more, your child’s schedule is probably filled with activities.

However, time is needed for the child’s imagination to run wild. Set aside some time – maybe in the morning, before the day’s activities tire them – to do some writing.

Let them conjure scenes and images in their minds and let them put their thoughts down on paper to create a fun story idea.

This also gives them a much-needed break from all the homework and study sessions that they usually go through during the day.

2. Use a variety of prompts for creative writing for primary 3

There are many resources online that provide writing prompts for children of all ages, but you could move beyond that and adopt visuals instead.

You can utilise Pinterest boards to assemble different visuals and ask your child to describe what they see, should they ever encounter a writing block.

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3. Inspiration can be found everywhere, not just English enrichment class

However, you do not have to stick to what is found online.

Describing old photos, images from magazines or even scenes of daily life will also do the trick. You could also ask your child to imagine alternative scenarios to what is presented in the prompts.

When it comes to creative writing for primary 3, one does not have to stick to a particular template.

4. Encourage them to read a wide range of books

The only way to improve one’s writing, other than practice, is to read others’ writing and pick up on the good points. Reading can also be a source of inspiration by simply asking children to imagine themselves in the situation. You could expose your child to a variety of books and even those above his or her level.

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5. Make it a habit

Writing does not require a physical space, just the proper mindset. You could help your child cultivate the habit of writing by jotting down his or her thoughts down after a long day. Carrying a journal around for children to write in is also another way to incorporate writing into their lives.

Creative writing for primary 3 students is vital to a child’s cognitive growth as it allows them to think more deeply and find alternative ways of thinking. It is also another way which children can express their feelings.

However, writing is not meant to be stressful so try not to treat it like a primary school tuition session!

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