MindChamps PreSchools in Singapore: How Child Care Centres Near Raffles Place Benefit Working Parents

October 24, 2017

As all parents can vouch for, the arrival of a child changes a couple’s lives completely.

Apart from a shift in the daily routine, one key area to consider is the childcare arrangements of the little one while mum and dad are at work.

Thankfully, Singapore’s central business district (CBD), like Raffles Place, where many of us work, has trusted childcare centres/ preschools that assist with caring for our bundles of joy.

Although spending time bonding with your child is important, child care centres play an essential role in giving parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are in good care and being thoughtfully nurtured.

Childcare centres located within the vicinity of offices in the Raffles Place, the heart of the CBD, continue to be popular with working parents in the area, and this is due to key reasons such as these:

1. More time with your child, who is in close proximity

Even if you spend your work days away from your child, the commute together to and from Raffles Place and the childcare centre can forge many lasting memories.

Placing your precious one in a childcare centre in Raffles Place not only offers convenient family carpooling, it also allows parents to reach the preschool and pick up their child quickly in the event of an emergency (for example, when your child falls ill in the middle of the day).

2. Peace of mind while you work

A proximal and competent childcare centre in Raffles Place puts a parent’s mind at ease, from the moment you drop your tot off until the end of the day when you pick him or her up.

Some employers have also noted a lower rate of absenteeism and higher productivity among employees whose children are placed in a preschool near their offices.

MindChamps PreSchool Centres in Raffles Place

For the reasons stated above and more, childcare centres located in Raffles Place to be a popular choice among working parents. This includes the likes of MindChamps Chinese PreSchool at Cecil Street and the soon-to-be-opened MindChamps PreSchool centre at One Raffles Place.

Led by an esteemed and experienced team, MindChamps is a premium PreSchool that is devoted to bringing out the best in children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

A top choice among Singapore parents, MindChamps PreSchool offers a unique curriculum based on research and development in Neuroscience, Psychology and Theatre. The curriculum nurtures all aspects of preschoolers, cultivates a love for learning in them whilst preparing them for the transition to primary school.

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street (in Raffles Place)

childcare centre in raffles place

Bringing you the first Chinese preschool in the CBD, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street (at Raffles Place) is located near Raffles Place and Telok Ayer MRT stations.

As the only Chinese childcare in the CBD, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street offers a bilingual programme with a strong emphasis on the Chinese language. As your child will be immersed in an environment rich in language and culture, it is the perfect way to give him/her a good headstart to Singapore’s bilingual education system.

Spanning an entire floor of The Octagon, the centre at Cecil Street offers a spacious gym and a creative playroom. Come rain, shine or even haze, your child is well-protected in all weather conditions. The centre organises monthly outdoor excursions, providing a robust balance – a highlight your child will certainly look forward to.

Learning through fun and interactive methods, the centre is led by a team of experienced and loving teachers. With its nurturing environment, your child can look forward to an enriching preschool experience, equipped with a solid foundation, ready for primary years.

How to get there: 105 Cecil Street, #04-01/04, The Octagon, Singapore 069534

Call us to enquire/ book an appointment: +65 8821 2198

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MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place 

childcare in raffles place

Located next to Raffles Place MRT station, MindChamps PreSchool’s newest centre in the CBD spans across 10,000 square feet of learning space, and features 6,000 square feet of classrooms.

MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place also opens up to 2,000 square feet of outdoor play area that comprises a playground, an eco-garden and a child-friendly cooking area dedicated to Gourmet Moments, which is an enrichment programme conducted weekly to impart knowledge and interest in good nutrition and food preparation habits in preschoolers.

Besides an expansive library that will stock a thoughtfully curated range of books, this new preschool’s spread of facilities will also include a 120,000-square-foot rooftop garden that will host a wide variety of plants, for the educational benefit of the young champs.

How to get there: 1 Raffles Place, Tower 1, #06-00, Singapore 048616

Call us to enquire/ book an appointment: +65 9687 6377

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